What is the Best TV to Buy for 5K HD

This article will talk about different television sets which are the best to purchase and these TV’s have 5K HD resolution. But not everyone understands what 5K HD completely implies. So this article would help you understand what this means. Shall we begin? 

5K Resolution Explained 

5K resolution can be defined as a type of display format that has a resolution horizontally of about five thousand pixels. One of the most common 5K resolution sets available in the 5120 x 2880. This has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and it has around fourteen million pixels. When checked, it has about seven times more pixels than the 1080p complete HD set. This has about four times the linear resolution of the 720p set. This resolution is normally used on computer monitors for one to get a very high density on their pixels. This isn’t the usual format used when checking digital cinematography or digital television which usually has 8K resolutions or 4K resolutions. 

Comparing other Typical Display Resolutions 

When one wants to compare the 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) with the 5K resolution, the 5120 x 2880 has more columns and it has about seven hundred and twenty extra lines on each area of the display. There are increases of about 33.33% in all dimensions. This display adds in all dimensions. These displays could key in 4K contents which could get displayed using native resolution and it does not need to full the entire screen. These are the reasons this extra software like toolbars for editing videos aren’t available without needing to reduce the preview of the content. 

List of Best TVs to Buy for 5K HD 

1. LG 105UC9

This has a ratio of 64:27 which is almost equal to 21:9. This TV has a size of 105. Its resolution is 5120 x 2160 and it has a total pixels rate of 5353.

2. Samsung UN105S9W

This has a ratio of 64:27 which is almost equal to 21:9. This TV has a size of 105. Its resolution is 5120 x 2160 and it has a total pixels rate of 53.

These two TV sets are the same. They have identical properties and they show things using the same quality. The only difference between them is the company and the brand. There we have it 

What are the Graphics Card Support and Display Interface of this Best TV to Buy for 5K HD 

For you to completely enjoy this display with the 5K resolution, the display and the source both need support for the interface connection to get advanced. Because these traditional interfaces like the DVI and VGA do not provide the necessary bandwidth for 5K resolutions and proper framerates levels. One of the first interface which can support the 5120 x 2880 using 30 HZ and above use to be the display port version. That was able to support this resolution using 30 HZ and thirty bit/px depth of color. 

And that is all you need to know about 5K HD TVs to buy.