What Diapers are Best?

When raising a child a lot of things are required. Some are for fancy aesthetics, others are important but not imperative,  while some are absolutely necessary. Diapers fall into the latter category. In today’s world, reusable napkins are almost out of use. As a matter of fact, pediatrics suggests that diapers are preferable because they prevent skin irritation and less inconveniencing. Diapers are largely used by nursing mothers worldwide. A baby can use as many as eight diapers in a day. Hence if you’re a nursing mother, you might want to get a lot of these diapers at home.

Getting the right diapers, however, can be quite a task. A number of factors have to be considered in order to get that perfect diaper. Some of them are as follows.

How to Choose the Best Diapers

·       Size

The diapers have to fit well. A very tight diaper may cause heat rashes and other skin irritations. A loose diaper may also cause leaks. A perfect size must be bought to ensure the comfort of the baby.

·       Adjustable Tabs

This is a good feature to look out for. In order to ensure that the diaper fits, it is better to go for diapers with reusable and adjustable tabs.

·       Pockets

You may want to check for pockets at the back of the diapers to help deal with blowouts. These pockets serve as inlets for baby poops.

·       Wetness Indicators

If it’s your first time at nursing a baby, these indicators will be very helpful. Wetness indicators are colored lines on the diaper that change when the baby is wet.

·       Good Scent

Since you have the wetness indicators, you don’t need to be offended by the foul smell of baby poop or pee. This is why you should go for diapers with good fragrance which will hide the smell just in case you’re in public and cannot change the diaper at that instant.

Our Top Picks of What Diapers are Best

Although these factors narrow the options down, the fact that there are so many types of diapers makes it possible for anyone to make a mistake at it. This is why we’ve come up with a list of top quality diapers for your child.

1.     Pampers

These amazing diapers are both quick absorbents and hypoallergenic. They have won the ”What To Expect Award” three times in a row. They can also give your baby twelve hours of dryness. So yes, they’re the perfect choice for the long night’s rest.

2.     Huggies

Huggies is clearly a favorite if you take into consideration the factors earlier mentioned. The Huggies diaper has an amazing fragrance, wetness indicator lines, and auxiliary pockets for explosive poop. They also have really absorbing surfaces.

3.     Up & Up

The premium brand diapers are the best diapers with regard to affordability. They offer amazing features at very little cost. They have adjustable and reusable tabs, absorbing cores, and a really good fragrance. These diapers also have vitamin E and aloe vera for extra hydration.

4.     Luvs

Luvs ultra leak-guard diapers offer great quality at an amazing price. The brand is popular for its triple leak-guard protection at the centers and sides of the diaper. These diapers have large tabs that help them fit properly.

So what do you choose when considering what diapers are best for your child?

When using diapers, be sure to use Diaper Balm by Motherlove and Weleda’s Baby Calendula Diaper Rash Cream.