Vintage Guitar Versus New Guitar? Which is Better?


Are you thinking about buying a guitar or you already have or you are curious about the several varieties of guitars that are out there? Are you a fan of acoustic guitars, do you like new guitars or vintage guitars? In this article, we are going the analyze vintage guitars and new guitars.

There are diverse opinions from experts and musicians about which guitar is better, new or vintage, the end of this argument is not in sight but here is the piece we are adding to the argument. 

Vintage Guitar Versus New Guitar 

Vintage guitars are guitars that selected from guitars that have been used, these guitars are different from other used guitars in that they were made long ago after the second world war and before 1980, they can be solid or hollow body guitars and they are usually made from rare wood like Brazilian Rosewood. Given the time they were constructed, they were mostly made by hand with care, not like new guitars that are mostly made mechanically in industries.

Vintage guitars are very rare as compared to new guitars, many popular musicians in this age collect and play vintage guitars, both electric and acoustic ones. Some of the brands that have vintage guitars are Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, and Fender. People might ask why a vintage guitar is better than a new one, below are some of our reasons: 

  1. Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship: vintage guitars are made by hand from the best wood available at the time and hardware, the fact that they are still available and can still play is a testament to their quality and the level of attention paid to making them. This is not always the case with new guitars, although there are new guitars that are handmade; but the standard has fallen over the years and you cannot compare them with vintage guitars made sixty years ago. The instruments used to make new guitars are often mass-produced which invariably means they are not made with the same care, attention, and quality of individually made instruments in vintage guitars. That’s why it is often said that new guitars do not have the soul of vintage guitars. 
  2. Vintage guitars have more history, unique sound quality, and instruments. Given how vintage guitars were made;  which were by hand in shops that specialized in quality, no two vintage guitars are the same, they have stories that add to their uniqueness and sound, if you are a fan of these then vintage guitars are definitely for you.
  3. The Tone of Vintage Guitars is Better: the rich and unique tone of vintage guitars owes credence to the different techniques and materials that were used to construct them. Though different people have different opinions and preferences when it comes to guitars, our opinion is that the tones of vintage guitars are better than most new guitars. 
  4. Vintage Guitars are Rare and More Valuable:  the fact that these guitars are no longer made gives them more market value, there is a finite number of vintage guitars out there and as years pass by their value increases, they are collectibles and most of them can play great tunes. If you find a vintage guitar that can still be played it is evidence that it is of high quality because if it were not it would have worn out and be thrown away, if a person still plays the guitar that was made decades ago it should prove to you that there is something special about it, this, however, does not mean that every old guitar is good.


Whatever your opinion you cannot deny the uniqueness of vintage guitars.