Top Board Games for Family Game Night

Would you like to renew family connections the usual way? Do you want face-to-face connections without using the internet or devices. All you need is to get some board games in your life. These are quite popular, and it is a complete opposite of the usual video games we all know these days.

This article goes straight to the point and tells you about the best Board Games for Family Game Night.

List of Top Board Games for Family Game Night

1. Jax Sequence

Jax Sequence be bought on Amazon. All you need to do is search for it. It is a two to twelve player game. It is for people age seven and above. It is a game of chance and strategy. The aim of this game is to play a card simultaneously from your hand and put it on a corresponding chip space that’s available so one can get five rows completely. Getting the perfect sequence is difficult, but it’s a simple board game.

2. Czech Games – Codenames

This is a team-based, fast-paced, spy-themed word board game. Here players try to guess the other player’s identities which are supposed to be a secret. They only have one-word clues to guess the names of these other players. It is okay for two to eight players to play this game. More than eight players can play it though.

3. Hasbro Gaming – Scrabble

This game can be bought on Amazon; just search for it. Scrabble was created in 1931. Your board family games wouldn’t be complete without this. This game can be played with two players to four players. You can play in teams, and the game involves arranging tiles with letters. These tiles show varying values of points. They are all combined to create crossword styles and words on the game board. This is designed for people of eight years old and above. It is played best with people that have the same spelling, reading, and academic level.

4. Catan Studio – Catan, The Board Game

Catan can be bought on Amazon. All you need to do is search for it. It is a board game that has a hexagonal shape. You can use it for strategies, to trade, and to gain tactical skills. If you’ve got a lot of luck, you will enjoy this board game. It is fast-paced, and it has simple rules. It takes about an hour to play from the start to the end. The aim of this game is to tame the remote isle of Catan by building, trading, and settling in different regions. You need to kick the ass of other players and create roads, cities, and monopolies before you’ll be able to own the rich resource territory. There are several expansion packs available too. These include a five to six player sessions. It also has an edition for Game of Thrones fans. This could also be bought at Walmart. All you need to do is make inquiries.