Does Snapchat Scare Kids? What Parents Need to Know

If you are on social media, you have probably seen pictures of your friends with cute little doggie noses and kitten ears. Maybe you have even seen a few with theatrical paint covering their faces.

If you think your friends have suddenly gotten training as a top makeup artist, think again. These are Snapchat filters that anyone who has the app can easily access.

But lately, some are saying the filters that are being made available are taking things a bit too far. The filters are now so extreme that user’s images are being converted to the point where they are horrific… so horrific in fact that they are frightening little children.

Read on to find out more about the controversy so you can find out the answer to the question, “does Snapchat scare kids?”

How Snapchat Filters Work

If you never used Snapchat before, here’s a bit about how the filters work.

Once you are on the app, all you need to do is activate the filters. When users look into the phone, and make certain facial expressions, the app reacts in such a way that it transforms your face.

Some can give you the appearance that you have adorable cat ears. Some will make you look as if you are covered in butterflies.

But these newer apps that are scaring children are pretty extreme. They are transforming their faces in such a way that they are turning them into fanged monsters with no eyes and purple skin.

Does Snapchat Scare Kids?

Even though Snapchat is not really meant for young children, many parents are allowing their children to go on the app and experience the scary transformation the filter provides. Beyond that, many parents find the children’s reaction to the transformation so funny they are publishing the reaction videos on YouTube.

While some are amused by these videos, others do not share the same opinion.

For example, some YouTube users who have watched these videos have been quoted as saying, “Why would you want to scare your kids like that?” while others say, “It’s funny because the more they scream the more scared they get.”

What Parents Need to Know

Every parent is different and there will be a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to whether parents want to expose their children to these filters or not. However, if you are wondering does Snapchat scare kids? and you are concerned about the reaction your little one will have, it’s probably best to keep them off your phones and prevent them from activating Snapchat.

However, if you think the scare is worth a laugh, that is your decision to make. Just remember, those therapy bills can get expensive! 

And while you’re attending to your kid’s mental well-being, be sure to care for their health as well by choosing healthy soda alternatives.