Reviews of Top Doggie Food Brands

Where are all the dog lovers in the house?

Just like humans, dogs (and all pets in general) need the right food with the right amount of nutrients if they want to reach their maximum potential. However, people make the mistake of just buying any type of pet food they see in stores and then complain that their dogs aren’t as healthy and active as they’d like them to be.

Among the different types of doggie food brands, most veterinarians and pet owners prefer and recommend organic dry dog food brands without byproducts, because of their high nutritional content. 

Here are reviews of top doggie food brands that your dog may enjoy.

5 Top Doggie Food Brands

I and Love and You Naked Essentials

This doggie food brand is one of the best you can ever find. Why this brand is so good is because bison and lamb are used as animal proteins. Most products use lamb in their formulation, because it doesn’t cause allergies, but only a few products include bison. Furthermore, this brand includes both prebiotics and postbiotics to promote digestion and canine immune functioning. The formulation is grain-free.  

Purina Beyond Simply 9 Dry Dog Food

Purina Beyond Dry Dog Food is usually referred to as a limited ingredient diet because there is only one source of animal protein, which is the chicken. It also contains wholesome grains like rice, oatmeal, and barley that aid digestion in dogs. For dogs that need high amounts of protein, this brand is the best option because it uses only the white meat of the chicken. However, this food cannot be used as an elimination diet, because the chicken used is allergenic.

Taste of the Wild High Protein Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food is one that is packed with a lot of ingredients that are filled with proteins such as venison, wildfowl, bison, boar, salmon, and lamb. Aside from being a good source of meat protein for dogs, it is also perfect when it comes to dog nutrition. If you have a dog that is already hypersensitive to the normal sources of protein like chicken and beef, then Taste of the Wild High Protein Dry Food is your best bet. It is also grain-free.

Vital Planet

This brand produces one of the best supplements that can be combined with doggie food. This brand has different types of products, from powder to chewable tablets.  For the tablets, each capsule contains a lot of probiotics and raw probiotic strains. The powder comes in a form that can be easily combined with your favorite doggie food. It also aids digestion and immunity. One of their most powerful products is the Living Meal Food Topper for Dogs Powder.

Rachel Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dry Dog Food

If you love Rachel Ray, you will definitely love the Nutrish Zero Natural Grain Dry Food for your dog. Its ingredients are prepared from natural sources, although it may not be termed as organic. It is considered safe for your dog since it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. Its formulation does not contain grain or gluten. It contains about 11% moisture, unlike other doggie foods that contain 10% moisture. 

Which top doggie food brand will you choose?