Regular vs. Diet Coke: What Ingredients are in Soda?

Almost everyone likes Coca-Cola, but there is Diet Coke and regular Coke. It is good to know what they are both about to know which of them you would consume.

In 2017, the Coca-Cola company announced that it was going to stop producing Coke Zero and changed it with Coke Zero Sugar so it would get a better unique mixture of flavors. This gave Coke Zero its original Coca-Cola taste.

This could make you think of the difference between regular Coke and Diet Coke. They have different ingredients.

What Ingredients are in Soda?

The list of ingredients in Diet Coke includes natural flavors, carbonated water, aspartame, potassium benzoate, caramel color, citric acid, phosphoric acid, and caffeine.

Here’s the list of ingredients in regular Coke: Caramel color, carbonated water, natural flavors, acesulfame potassium, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate, potassium citrate, and caffeine.

Diet Coke does not have about two ingredients that the other two options have. It doesn’t have acesulfame potassium and potassium citrate.

Acesulfame potassium is known as a free sugar calorie substitute, and potassium citrate is known as a normal additive put in beverages.

These ingredients differentiate the drinks, because one of them has sugar content the other does not have.

Diet Coke’s has this nutritional info: 0 Calories, 40mg Sodium, 0g Fat, 0g Total Carbs, 0g Protein.

While Regular Coke has this nutritional info, Coca-Cola Zero‘s nutritional info reads 0 Calories, 40mg Sodium, 0g Fat, 0g Total Carbs, 0g Protein.

But still, there are differences in the flavor of the drinks.

Taste Differences

Most of the people that consume Coca-Cola have made sure to either take regular Coke or Diet Coke. But these days when they taste it, there is an obvious difference in the taste because one of them is meant for fun and enjoyment, while the other is meant to lose weight and keep fit.

Not everyone can tell the difference between regular Coke and Diet Coke. Only a few of the customers can tell for a fact that this Coke is Diet Coke, and this other one is regular Coke.

These days Diet coke claims to taste just like Coke Zero but everyone knows what the truth is. They are not the same. One has higher amounts of sugar than the other.

When thinking about your health, you need to check the amount of soda you are consuming, because it is known that sodas stored in can contain substances that have BPA and Bisphenol. They are known to alter the activity of the hormones in the body. Rodale started this that those who consume these drinks should beware all these risks involved. Knowing the nutritional content in these drinks makes you know the amount of Coca-Cola you should consume and to know if these are necessary for the consumption of a healthy diet.

Now you know the ingredients in Soda and the differences and similarities between regular Coke and Diet Coke.