Pre-Shave Oil vs Cream

For a long time, some men have dreaded shaving because they see it as a hectic task. The bumps, cuts, and nicks scare them away.

As a man, there is a great chance that you may have been in the debate of pre-shave oil vs cream. Should you go for one and leave the other? We will analyze both.

Do You Need Pre-shave Oil?

Let us start by analyzing the pre-shave oil in this pre-shave oil vs cream debate. When you shave without a pre-shave oil (like Badger’s Man Care Pre-Shave Oil), it can be likened to using your car without oil in it.

You know that driving a car without oil is a recipe for disaster. Eventually, the engine will die. The same can be said to your beard. When you shave without oil, you may suffer from razor burn. This is because you won’t be lubricated properly, and intense friction is not something skin craves. You don’t want something highly abrasive going on your face.  

If you are suffering from irritation after shaving, it may be because you refused to use pre-shave oil. Your face won’t be moisturized enough. What will happen is a pull and tug motion when shaving, which is detrimental to your skin.

What pre-shave oil does is hydrate your face to allow the electric razor glide across it effortlessly.

If you are tired of irritation after shaving, it won’t be a bad idea to moisturize your face with pre-shave oil before you shave.

Why Use Shaving Cream?

When you are done priming your face with pre-shave oil, you need a shaving cream like Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock North Woods Shave Cream.

What you have to do is to add the creamy lather on your face. This allows the electric razor to smoothly move across the face. 

There are differences between pre-shave oil and shaving cream. The two shaving products are expected to be used in different stages of your shaving experience, but they’re both important.

Pre-shave Oil vs Shaving Cream

Usually, the two shaving products are known to be absorbed by the skin in varying phases. Pre-shave oil is known to nourish the skin pores, as well as their follicles.

The shaving cream is used in conditioning both the beard and face. This will ensure the razor to move easily.

Before you use shaving cream, you need to use pre-shave oil to prepare the face. The face has to be nourished initially before you use shaving cream. The pre-shave oil allows your skin to be supple. The shaving cream is what makes the tips of the beard to be soft.

Why not combine both products in your shaving experience, and watch yourself have a shave free from irritation. The way you cannot ride in your car without engine oil is the same way you can’t shave well without using pre-shave oil and shaving cream.