New Coca Cola Flavors: Cinnamon Coke Review vs. Cranberry Sprite

One of the most exciting things about branded products for consumers is the news of a new flavor. We all waited and anticipated Coca-Cola’s new holiday drinks: Cinnamon Coca-Cola and Cranberry Sprite since the news of the impending release. It’s good to finally have them around consistently and be able to enjoy the goodness of the new flavors.


Even before opening the can or tasting what’s in there, these new Coca-Cola flavors can win your heart because the cans sure look good and they give you a clue of what to expect. The presentation is quite nice and attractive, so that’s a goal already. The Cinnamon Coke has a simple and clean design, while the Cranberry Sprite has a somewhat energetic design (seems like what you want to gift an excited kid for being well behaved).

Judging from the design, Cinnamon Coke feels like a drink you need to keep calm and relax, while the sizzling design of Cranberry Sprite feels like a drink you need for a jolt of energy to keep moving.


Cinnamon Coke Review

According to reviews, the Cinnamon Coke tastes as good as expected or more than expected. You can smell a distinct yet soft smell of cinnamon upon opening the can. This distinct smell is mixed with the smell of Coke. This flavor is surprisingly good and is worth choosing over and over again. The Cinnamon Coke is a blend of drink you need when you want to calm your nerves. It makes you feel good from your palate to deep inside your stomach.

The Cinnamon Coke scaled the regular expectation a lot of people have for the brand of Coke. We didn’t see this much awesomeness coming with this flavor, but it came nonetheless, and we are enjoying every gulp.

Cranberry Sprite

The Cranberry Sprite infuses the taste of tart cranberry and crisp lemon taste to give a refreshing drinking experience. It tastes more like a seltzer with a more mild and not-so-sweet taste. Upon opening the cranberry sprite can, you can taste a rich cranberry flavor, it’s distinct, and you will love it. It is not too sweet and not too tart, it is somewhat in the middle.

One wouldn’t think Sprite could have a notable flavor. We are having a change of mind right now because the Cranberry Sprite is all shades of awesome.

Which Flavor Should I Try?

This Cinnamon Coke review is to make you know what to expect from each flavor, but we would rather you try both. You are certainly going to have a hard time settling for a favorite. You can enjoy these new sizzling drinks in many interesting ways or you can, as well, drink them as they are. You will be pleased with however you choose to have them.

Coca-Cola got everyone excited about the holidays. So stock up the fridge with both of these new flavors.

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