Natural Wine Made from Organic Grapes vs. Regular Wine

person holding grapes

I enjoy writing articles that have to do with two things fighting against each other. Like, I love battles, I love wars. Today I’ll be talking about natural wine made from organic grapes, and these would be fighting regular everyday wine. But before I carry on, what’s natural wine?

Natural Wine Definition 

There‚Äôs no certification or regulation for natural wine. These make it a little bit tricky to define. Natural Wine refers to wine that doesn’t have anything added. Or nothing is taken away from it. This sums up the definition of natural wine if you ask me. 

Natural Wine is made using organic grapes. There is an absence of pesticides. It is also relatively free from all types of additives. 

The news got from firing. There are more than seventh two legal additives which are allowed when one is making wines. Lots of them end up creating conventional wines. They aid the person that’s making these wines control the texture, aroma, flavor too. Natural wines don’t have any types of additives. There’s an exception of few sulfites. These all serve as by-products of fermentation. These are also used as preservatives. All these wines have amounts of sulfites. These natural wines let a higher amount of sulfites. About three hundred and fifty parts per a million in the United States. These are higher than what’s acceptable for natural wine that’s around twenty parts per million amounts of wine. 

Another high difference in making wines includes how the typical process of making wines includes filtering and fining. These are all designed to create a wine that looks awesome for the market. Some winemakers naturally do a lot more with reduced amounts of fussing. They work with the ingredients gotten by nature all through that year. 

Natural Wine made with Organic Grapes vs. Regular Wine. 

Typically a lot of people prefer things that are made naturally. Not everyone enjoys the consumption of things made organically. This is a harsh battle because both of these wines have parts that are better than the other. Organic grapes used in natural wine manufacture give that natural wine a specific taste that regular wine does not have. Then let me talk about regular wine. Regular wine is the type of wine made using typical ingredients like grapes, simple essential additives, and all of that. The thing with all these VS articles is that at the end of the day, what you consume would always be left to you. I might say natural wine made from organic grapes is better than regular wine, but you might have one wine company that typically gives you natural wine for free, and you would want to go for that one. So it doesn’t matter, though.

Which type of wine would I want to consume personally. 

I would enjoy Regular Wine, though. I love and enjoy things being basic and straightforward. So I’ll go for regular wine any day, any time.