Natural vs Synthetic Household Cleaners

I’ve not written the piece yet though but I know the winner is already natural household cleaners. Because everything natural is always better than things made synthetically.

We as consumers of several different products are bombarded every time with several different adverts about organic and natural products. There are several news stories and websites that have dedicated themselves to talking about man-made us bad and nature are very good. The popularity of these subjects shows that the entire issue needs a very serious rate of clarification. 

The general idea that nature can cause us harm isn’t new. Have you heard of diseases like tetanus, malaria, botulism, tuberculosis? If you have then why do you always believe that everything that’s made naturally is healthy or good for us? 

It is a fact that modern chemistry has brought us several horrible chemicals like dioxins a D DDT but the chemicals nature has are way more harmful. There is several evidence that pesticides created naturally could be just as dangerous as syntheticM pesticides. 

The most toxic chemicals are horrible to humans and they are naturally made. 

Sadly the nature vs synthetic always falls in the gray area. This makes it more frustrating. If you want to check the case of chemicals properly, you need to make use of checking these chemicals specifically in the lab. As in a one by one thing. 

The essence of this post is simply to make you understand that there’s no actual winner. It depends on the specific type of household cleaner you make use of. There are both highly toxic and quite safe in between. You can’t go drinking it now van you?

You need to know that synthetic chemicals are way more toxic than natural chemicals. Naturally grown meals are better for your consumption because they are completely natural. There are lots of synthetic copies of natural chemicals which are quite bad for you. 

I would like to mention quickly the fact that I did not point out the natural controversies against synthetic. 

The poster for this article is Natural Vs synthetic household cleaners. I have gone and broken down the general debate of natural things vs synthetic things. Oh well. We’re still talking about the same thing.

Natural Vs synthetic household cleaners 

I would always go with natural though. And at the end of the day, it depends on what I’m cleaning. Like I would not make use of a synthetic household cleaner to clean up my cups or my plates. But I can use a natural household cleaner to clean the floors and wash the windows. You understand.

Though at the end of the day it all depends on what you want. Where you want to clean. Your personal preferences. The person that gave you the advice on what you’re cleaning and all of that. As for me personally, it all depends on the scent of the product and if I like the vibe I get. That’s simply it.