Kids Toys and Trampoline Recall News

All kids love playing with toys and jumping on trampolines. It is part of the childhood experience. Whether at home or house parties, kids always enjoy the fun of playing around in trampolines and with toys, alongside their friends.

Most parents sit back to watch their kids have fun and sometimes wish they could go back in time. Do you wish you didn’t have to grow up too fast?

Just kidding. Let’s proceed.

On a more serious note, parents are becoming extremely concerned about their children’s safety these days, especially when they play with certain types of toys or jump on trampolines. They are very skeptical about buying toys for their children, as toys can be recalled if they put kids’ lives in danger. The most common of these instances is with a trampoline recall, which means parents have to be more vigilant when shopping for kids’ toys.

Why a Toy Recall?

Although the toy industry is made for kids and most products are produced with the highest level of safety, not all knock-off brands adhere to all precautions. Sometimes low cost and quality don’t add up. Although toy recalls are usually rare, they are important in removing faulty toys from the distribution chain, and invariably, from people’s homes. But you can never tell when you buy a new toy. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

What can cause a toy to be recalled? If a feature on the toy poses a threat to the safety of human lives, especially to kids’ safety, a toy will be recalled. Here are a few examples.

5 Recalled Kids Toys

Waterpede Bath Toys Recall

Waterpede children bath toys, produced by Munchkin, were recalled in 2018. What was their reason? The bath toy could break and expose the small beads inside, which could pose a choking hazard to tender children, as they are very prone to ingesting small objects. Fortunately, there was only one report of breakage.

Crayon Recall

In your mind, you may be thinking, “Why should ordinary harmless crayons be recalled?” They were recalled because of the pieces of glass that were found inside some crayons, which exposed kids to laceration hazards.  There were reports of two purchased crayons that had pieces of glass inside, but nowadays most crayons are glass-free.

Pottery Wheel Kit Recall

Michaels craft store recalled Creatology Spin Art Kit, a pottery wheel kit, due to a faulty battery compartment. The spin kit had a battery compartment that overheats, which could lead to fire and cause burns. The company received reports that two battery compartments were overheating, so all other pottery wheel kits were recalled.

Petit Collage Children’s Xylophone Recall

The company Wild and Wolf recalled their Petit Collage Children’s Xylophone, because the ball at the end of the beater stick could break or separate, which can cause choking hazards.

Trampoline Recall

Parents need to be very careful of the trampolines their kids play on. There have been some cases of one or more of the trampoline legs breaking off in the course of action. For instance, First Fitness Trampolines with handle-like bars were recalled because the metal could become weak, which may cause the handle to break off. Although it is rare, people must endeavor to look at its state before buying a new or used trampoline for their kids to avoid a trampoline recall in the future.

You can review all current trampoline recall news and other toy recalls on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website