Is Heaven in Outer Space? Ways to Explain Death to Children

Death is a reality that everyone must one day experience. As children, the concept of death may remain a mystery. It is often very difficult to explain this concept to them, especially when they find themselves in a bad situation where they lose their loved ones. These children are also confused about the concept of heaven and its location.

If you are dealing with trying to teach your children about death, this article has got you covered. As a parent, you will most likely encounter a situation like this, and it is best you learn how to deal with it. So, we are going to give you the right approach to dealing with this problem.

Is Heaven in Outer Space? 3 Steps to Keep in Mind

Be prepared.

Yes. It may sound a little cliché, but it is a simple truth. As a parent, you need to always be prepared because this question will always come no matter how hard you try to avoid it. You may be wondering how you should do this? It is very simple. You need to read a lot of books on certain topics like this. Watch a lot of videos to get insight and always meditate. Once you are prepared for an occasion like this, it will be very easy to tackle these questions.

Find the time to teach them.

At a certain age in their lives, kids begin to understand certain things, and more concepts about life begins to unravel. As a parent, you need to identify when they have reached this stage in their life and begin to fill them with the right information. At first, you should start taking them to funerals. At funerals, you unconsciously subject their minds to deep reasoning, and they begin to feel the need to ask a lot of questions. By doing this, your job becomes easier. After these funerals, tell them about life, the concept of death and the concept of the afterlife. This will open their mind and when you do this gradually, they will begin to understand better.

Talk to them about Heaven.

Yes. Heaven is always a topic that a lot of people always want to hear about. Little children often know what heaven is, but most of them are often unfamiliar with the core concept, ad that’s why you often see them asking questions like: Is Heaven in outer space?

Whenever these questions arise, you should always be eager to talk to them about Heaven. Explain to them that Heaven is NOT outer space but it is a realm you go to after death. Slowly, they will begin to understand.

The concept of death remains a mystery, especially among children. As a parent, you must teach your children about death and Heaven, especially at a young age. This will help them cultivate their habits and live better.