How to Make Your Family Pool Safe for Kids

Having a residential pool brings fun and relaxation into our lives. But, did you know that the swimming pool can be dangerous to children?

Water is fun for kids to play with, but can also be deadly if an adult isn’t watching. Meanwhile, kids can disappear from the watchful eyes of their parents in seconds. Also, it takes very few seconds for children to drown, so it’s only appropriate that you invest in a pool coverings safety equipment to make your home pool safe for kids and pets.

Whether or not your child can swim, they need to be watched by an adult if they have to be by the poolside. You can make it all make sense by implementing safety measures. Some home pool coverings safety tips include the following.

Pool Covers

If designed well, pool covers are probably the best barrier to protect kids from water accidents. A good pool cover supports weight in such a way that no one, not even an adult can get into the water while it is on.

Secure the pool cover in place when you are not swimming. Pump or drain out rainwater collection from the pool cover immediately. Uncover the pool completely when people are swimming in the pool and secure the cover in place when there are no adults at the poolside.

Pool Fences

Pool fences are built to surround the pool, making it an off-limit site. It’s the most reliable way to ensure kids do not get close to the pool unsupervised. They are made with self-latching gates to ensure that the pool gate isn’t accidentally left open. Your fence should have a key lockable gate for extra security. With a pool fence, you can reliably protect your kids from drowning in your residential pool.

Your pool fence should be at least 4 feet high, without footholds or handholds that could be used for climbing. Entry to the pool should be through the gate only.

Pool Nets

Secure your swimming pool by reinforcing it with a strong pool net. The pool net is a barrier that prevents your kids from getting exposed to or falling into open water. It is stretched over the pool and anchored to keep in place. Opt for a strong net, such that can bear an adult weight. So, you can actually play at the poolside without anyone falling into the pool.

Door Alarms

Even though the covering safety can prevent kids from falling into the pool, you can install a door alarm system to the doors leading from the house to the pool. This will keep you alerted once your child has made his way to the pool.

The alarm should be such that it can be temporarily turned off by a keypad or switch upon a single opening of the door. The keypad or switch should be placed high out a child’s reach.

Children’s Supplements

It’s time you teach your child to swim. But while at it, ensure that you support them with vitamins and minerals needed for growth and development. For healthy supplements for your kids , try Professional Complementary Health Formulas Pool/Spa Detox.