How to Make Hard Seltzer

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These days, almost every company, every firm, and every organization are doing their best to make different forms of seltzer. If you don’t know what seltzer means, let me break it down and explain. 

What is Seltzer? 

Seltzer refers to different forms of carbonated water. I’m sure you know Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, and all others. Even those designed, developed, and produced from Bigi company are all different types of Seltzers. 

What is Hard Seltzer? 

Hard Seltzer refers to carbonated water that has alcohol in it. Some people would like to make this at home. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. 

So how can you make Hard Seltzer? 

There are more than one ways to make this concoction. These ways include the following;

Brewing the Sugar 

The first way needs you to make a brew of sugar. If you want to have about five gallons, you need to mix water, sugar, and clean yeast to ferment. One of the biggest problems that are seen could be the presence of a white wine note. The only way you can get rid of that is by having a sophisticated reverse osmosis system and a system that filters it at home. After you carbonate your brewed sugar, it would have that clear taste that normally comes with a very pure hard seltzer. That’s why you need to follow the steps using this procedure. 

Blending the sugar using vodka or Everclear 

Another way you could make your hard seltzer is to blend it. Make use of a very clear spirit like Everclear or vodka. Mix it with water till you get to the 4.5-6% ABV range. That’s where a lot of the hard seltzers which are sold commercially fall off. 

This is simple mathematics. Especially when you know the originating alcohol, you should carbonate to about three volumes of carbon dioxide. This would give you the seltzer that fizzes you’re looking for. This adds to the complete experience and mouthfeel you’ve been searching for. 

Have you tried Flavoring the sugar? 

Whenever anyone tries drinking homemade seltzer or any other type of seltzer, people want it flavored. There are versions of these available in various manners of combinations from coconut to lime to lemonade and blueberry. These are the powers of Flavoring. After using the other steps to create your hard seltzer would taste a lot better if you flavor it using tastes you desire/prefer.

My thoughts on making Hard Seltzer

To me, this is pretty much like making homemade alcohol. The same process and the same techniques would be used. It is a thoughtful way to make carbonated drinks at home, though. This is great for people that have/host football matches in their homes. So when your friend comes to visit, they always have something that would keep them occupied and more than enough to drink. So it’s all cool. Make sure you put in your favorite flavors in your homemade hard seltzer.