How to Explain Democrat vs. Republican to a Child

flag of USA on grass field

Till right now, I don’t fully understand the difference between the Republican and the Democrat. I think I saw it somewhere as a skit. But I didn’t fully get it then. Oh well, being in public service, one needs to understand the differences between both parties so young ones would understand. 

To keep the analogy alive, these two parties are just like National and American leagues in baseball. If you’ve got any sports fan at home, they would love this analogy. Politics, the primaries are something like the early playoff rounds. These parties select their winners just like the National and American leagues select theirs. In baseball, the league winners play during the World Series. In politics, the primary winners end up facing off at the General Elections. The winner at the General elections ends up becoming the United States President. 

If you don’t understand sports, imagine the girls and the boys in your class. Imagine you want to know who’s the best at a particular subject. The boys need to bring their best boy. The girls, too, would need to get their best girl. Then everyone would select who’s the best person, either the boy or the girl. Just like the present, yeah?  

In our baseball analogy. There are different leagues. A league could have their specific hitter and those that are considered to be the foul poll. Other different leagues aren’t added. 

A practical example you could use for a Child would be that several people do not have enough meals to eat. There are Republicans that feel different people like us should help them. Some churches end up helping them too. Some democrats believe the government should spend all its funds to help people get meals and food to eat. 

What are the things these laws should be Based On? 

When it comes to making laws, rules on wrong and right, Republicans are way more comfortable creating laws on children and families. These are all based on the things that are written in religious books. Some democrats believe that it isn’t appropriate for the government to interfere with the choices of children and families. 

Let’s look at this examine if you have a growing child and are getting to their late teenage years. It could be time to talk to them about things like gay marriage or abortion. 

The best time to have such conversations with them is when they are like sixteen or seventeen. Just before they get to their adult age, you could talk to them about all of this around thirteen to fourteen years too. This would help guide them, and they would feel free and comfortable with you whenever such questions ever pop up. 

So a Democrat is simply one person who rules practically everyone, or someone in charge of other people, or someone that’s on top. While a republican is someone that loves things being divided, shared, or ruled equally between a group of people.