Frozen Pizza Reviews

brown pizza on black plate

Everyone knows that frozen pizzas are not what everyone thinks of. We all think of biting a delicious hit slice of pizza. But at times, we might get so hungry we cannot wait for the delivery guy. So we would need to wait for frozen pizzas to get here. Frozen pizza has evolved. Some of them, after you warm them up, taste quite nice. 

We’ve got a team that has helped us test lots of these pizzas. Some of these pizzas were sold in quality grocery stores.  We rated some of them, and we can tell you which to buy and which to avoid. 

List of Frozen Pizza Reviews 

Totino’s Party Pizza

Here we had very high hopes for this specific pizza. Our taste testers have raved about how one could eat this every day as a kid. But as soon as one tasted this pizza, it was better we left all of this for our young ones. This party pizza was just quite bad. The cheese refused to melt, the crust was filled with lackluster, and there was very weird and chunky pepperoni, which would make you drop it and scream, “I’ve had enough.”

Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

This is a pro at creating healthy meals. But they are not so good at creating pizzas. That’s quite sad, though. It was just decent. That was it. One of the highest complaints we had was that the flavors were not so much. It also had a lot of grease with very poor flavors. These are not things you’ll expect to see from the chain. 

Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

Getting cheese pizza is all about cheese. But our taste testers stated that the cheese from these guys needs to deliver. Here the cheese doesn’t do so. 

Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Supreme Pizza

Like the counterpart, which had a high amount of pepperoni, this supreme didn’t surprise anyone. According to the tasters around, the toppings were all fresh and lovely. The pie needed a lot of flavors. One cannot write anything about this. It is an okay pizza, though. Whole foods have a lot of delicious things. So let’s not stress them on just their pizzas. 

Tombstone Original 5 Cheese Pizza

Like several other pizzas made using only cheese, this specific one is not a star among all others. As one of our taste testers stated, the cheese was tasty, but every other part was sad, horrible, and Meh. 

What I have to say about Frozen Pizza?

My review is that before you purchase frozen pizzas, go online, check the internet, look out for reviews from other people, hear the things they’ve said about the particular pizza brand and then purchase it. This way, you save yourself from a lot of heartaches. It is not fresh and quite horrible when you want to enjoy yourself, have a great piece of pizza, and then it tastes like crap in your mouth. Do you get it?