Backless Bra and Trend Alert: Freedom Bra Reviews

If you are a fashionista, it’s likely that you have explored the world of backless bras. These are designed to cover only the breast area, making it easy to wear backless fashions and going well with just about any type of neckline.

But any woman who has experimented with different types of bras will have a right to be skeptical. They may wonder if backless bras are comfortable, whether they stay on, and whether they really work.

This article will take a closer look at backless bras with some freedom bra reviews to give you the lowdown on this modern undergarment trend.

How Do Backless Bras Work?

Backless bras have a mild adhesive that allows them to stick to skin. A quality bra will stay on well under most conditions. However, women have complained that they can loosen if you sweat, move around a lot, or if you have larger breasts.

To make your bra stay on better, you may want to use garment tape in addition to the adhesive that’s already on the bra.

What is the Difference Between and Freedom Bra and an Adhesive Bra?

If you follow the world of undergarment trends, you may hear the term freedom bra come up more often. These are a type of backless bra that differs from other adhesive bras, because they offer more push-up support.

Also called bunny bras, freedom bras have a design that makes it look like they have bunny ears. These ears are sticky, and they work to lift the breasts, making them more supportive than other types of adhesive bras.

How Long Will My Adhesive Bra Last?

An adhesive bra will only last for as long as it remains sticky, and the amount of time it will remain sticky will vary according to how well you take care of it.

Lotions and oils will make your bra less adhesive, so be sure to put it on over clean, dry skin. Fibers can also get in the way of its stickiness, so don’t wear it with wooly garments or items of clothing that shed. Dust is another culprit, so store your bra in a dust-free environment.

You should also hand wash your bra regularly using water and mild soap.

Adhesive Bra Reviews

Although adhesive bras may seem like a dream come true for women who love to wear all types of backlines, if you look at the review sections of most backless bras, you will find some amount of women complaining about them coming off with sweat and activity. Others say they are not suited for women with larger breasts.

Considering the fact that adhesive bras are not cheap (for the most part starting at around $15) and are disposable, it may be best to wear them only for special occasions. That being said, they could be a lifesaver for brides, celebrities, and those with any sort of upcoming black-tie event.

What do you think of these modern pieces of undergarment technology? What freedom bra reviews would you give to these products if you’ve already tried them out?