Face Mask vs Face Shield’: Which Works Better Against COVID?

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), advised that the use of cloth face masks be Implemented. This is to help control the virus and save non-infected people from contracting it. These masks are to be worn in public or whenever there’s a need to meet with people.

However, these facemasks came with tons of downsides. This includes making one uncomfortable which makes most children avoid it by all means. For this single reason, many parents decided to implement the use of face shields instead. This way, the entire face gets covered without restrictions to knowing what’s happening in an environment. In this article, we shall look at face masks vs face shields to know which is better.  Let’s get on!

Face shields

Regardless of how popular it became amongst parents, the CDC still frowns against the use of face shields as a means of substituting for face masks.

They made it clear that the level of protection in face shields against the bodily fluids of their human beings are yet to be fully known. Simply put, the organization is yet to determine the effectiveness of face shields.

According to experts, if you must use face shields, then you must carry the masks alongside for additional protection.

Advantages of using face shields

Here are a few importance of using face shields:

  • It doesn’t touch your face directly
  • It’s capable of staying put as it comes with inbuilt headbands
  • Children feel comfortable with it, especially during hot or humid weather.
  • It protects your eyes
  • It’s communication effective
  • Shields aren’t adjusted often

Advantages of face masks

These are some of the advantages of using face masks:

  • It helps to contain the particles in your exhales, coughs, or sneeze. This is a better way of protecting everyone around that particular vicinity.
  • It perfectly shields your mouth and nose, the sides of your face, and underneath your chin.

How about children that can’t wear a mask?

Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of children run away from face masks. This is because they are hard or hearing it simply because it makes them feel uncomfortable. In cases like this, you can use the face shields. You can source for hooded face shields and use them instead.

Added protection for children who hate face masks

If you have a child, ensure to have them wash their hands regularly using a hand sanitizer with up to 60 percent alcohol. This should be done before touching the face shield. Make sure the shield gets cleaned ok between whenever it’s in use. Residues in the shield can be wiped with clean water, hospital disinfectant solution, or alcohol. Let it also dry before picking it up for the next use. If the shield is disposable, have it thrown away after every use. Also, vital proteins vitality immune booster is a great way to shield your child against the virus.


Overall, Face masks vs face shields both have advantages as well as disadvantages. However, the CDC strongly recommends face masks as protection against Covid-19. Ensure to follow the rules and stay safe always.