Early Detection Saves Lives: Preventing Pancreatic Cancer

Hello there. Today we’ll be talking about ways you can detect pancreatic cancer and how detecting it could save your life. Hi, we know it is not easy going to the hospital, and the doctor tells you that there might be chances you have pancreatic cancer. That must feel bad, and we’re here to tell you sorry about all of it. Just know that you’ll be fine irrespective of what happens. Everything would get better, and before you know it, we hope you’ll get treatment, and it’ll soon be in the past. 

Your Prognosis all Depends on the stage of cancer when you get Diagnosed. 

The long-term prognosis for people with pancreatic cancer typically depends on the type and the size of the tumor. The degree of metastasis and the involvement it has had on your lymph node. The metastasis is also known as how far cancer has spread in your body. Early pancreatic cancer could be treated if you get diagnosed early. Knowing you have pancreatic cancer helps in forecasting how much of the disease your body can take, and it checks the chances you have of healing. 

Sadly, pancreatic cancer starts with almost zero symptoms. You get to notice only when it has spread, and it is now advanced. This is one reason why around eighty percent of cases are diagnosed at challenging to treat payer stages. 

How is Pancreatic Cancer Compared to other types of Cancers? 

Pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate. This is the percentage of every patient who survives around five years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The percentage of patients who live after five years of being diagnosed is less than ten percent deficient. This is a result of many more people getting diagnosed when pancreatic cancer has completely spread, and there’s a presence of various tumors. 

How is the Prognosis of a Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer? 

Stage IV pancreatic cancer typically has a five-year survival rate of around one percent. An average patient diagnosed with very late staged pancreatic cancer typically survives just a year after being diagnosed. 

Is it curable if pancreatic cancer is detected early? 

There’s a high potential to cure pancreatic cancer, but the only way that would be possible is if one catches cancer very early through speedy diagnoses. Around ten percent of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early enough end up living their lives free of the disease after they get treated. For patients diagnosed before the pancreatic cancer tumor spreads or grows, the average pancreatic cancer time for survival is around three to three and a half years. 

My thoughts on Early detection to save lives from Pancreatic Cancer 

Again, we’re sorry if you are going through these horrible times. If you or any of your loved ones are going through pancreatic cancer, it would be best to check everyone around so if present, it could be detected earlier, and the chances of saving your life would increase.