Ear Buds vs. Headphones

People in the world today love to compare practically everything. Things like jam and jelly, chef and cook, sweet potatoes and yams, shoes and sneakers too. But at times, these words are used to replace each other whenever they are being used. The differences in their meaning are so small. When it comes to music or audio, earphones and earbuds are part of them.

One of the differences between earphones and earbuds is that earbuds rest on the opening that can be found outside the ear canal, while earphones are simply inserted in the canal of the ear. This could seem like a minor detail, but one of them is more important for durability, comfort, and quality of sound released. This article would show you which of them is better.

Ear Buds vs. Headphones/Earphones


Earphones when being used go past your concha in your ear and then reach your ear canal. Luckily, they have silicone tips that are on the earphones themselves. These designs optimally get rid of the noise. This lets you enjoy your music very well, even though the volume isn’t so high. It also makes the earphone less likely to fall out of your ears when you compare them to earbuds. Earphone packages have different sizes for you to get the most, best fit for you.


These are generally plastic, and they mostly all have the same size. People have different ear shapes, and these features have uncomfortable, unstable fits. Because of this, they fall off lots of times. It is difficult to use them when you want to exercise.

Because earbuds rest outside the canal of your ear, you can hear more ambient noise. This could be a pro, depending on the type of lifestyle you want to live. If you walk down the streets, earbuds will let you feel free for you to have more information about your surroundings. But if you want an ear device that’ll give you more quality, then go with earphones, because the ambient noise brings in weak bass. You might need to play your songs very loud before you can forget about the noise from outside.

Which Wins

Both of them have similar advantages. They are both lightweight, portable, and great for the gym. They are both durable, as long as you keep cleaning them from time to time and you get rid of the build-up of oils and wax. But on matters like comfort and quality of sound, the earphones have it.

Get Great Earphones

When purchasing earphones, you need to get ones that have long decades of quality. You can get earphones that have sound systems like that of speakers. This research is available because some earphones these days even sound louder than speakers. We’ve had engineers create different ear canal molds and they all got the same conclusion. These ear canals are not round. They are oval-shaped. So try getting great earphones and live life.

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