Difference Between Sympathy vs. Empathy

Finally, my type of psychological articles. This article would simply talk about the difference between Empathy and Sympathy. I’m sure a lot of us would be wondering, that they are supposed to be the same thing. I wondered this too, and then I made the research and realized, they are close, related but aren’t the same. Keep reading to know the differences. This information is brought to us by our very own Grammarly.

Sympathy Vs Empathy 


Empathy refers to the term we all use when we want to fully understand how someone else is feeling like it was us feeling or having these feelings too. Like the phrase “Put yourself in my shoes” is completely applicable here. It could also mean putting the feelings you’ve for on art or another object.


This refers to taking someone else’s feelings, especially sorrowful feelings, or feeling horrible when one around you is feeling bad. It also means feeling very happy when someone around you is excited or joyous. 

Sympathy vs Empathy 

Of these two words, empathy just for the general use of English. But the word sympathy has been used for almost three hundred years. Both of them have PATHY in them. One could notice that’s why they are similar. They both have the same root Greek word pathos which means Emotion, Feelings, Calm, Suffering. Both words end with emotions but they aren’t the same.

Sympathy’s real word translation is With Feeling. This word describes how we feel when we share someone’s feelings. Like trouble feelings or sorrow feelings. Hence we’ve for greeting cards that we give to people mourning that are called sympathy cards. This sympathy refers to a harmonious sense between people that have the same disposition, tastes, or opinions. When someone around you feels sympathy for a cause or to a firm them those sympathy feelings are loyal and all. That’s sympathy.

While the literal translation of empathy is a phrase that means passion from emotion or feelings. Different people understand that empathy has to do with sharing and understanding different experiences, emotions, and feelings of other people. But empathy can refer to making use of your imagination to make others understand your emotions or feelings or attitudes to an object. These could be things like a painting or something living like an animal.

So there we have it. Now you know the full difference between sympathy and empathy. These words are quite confusing, even after writing this article I don’t fully get a different picture. I believe empathy refers to when someone around you is going through pain, you join them to cry while sympathy is when someone around you is going through pain, you come, converse with them, know what’s wrong, and simply being there for them in their time of need. I hope you get a clear picture and understand what I mean by the differences between this empathy and sympathy. May horror never befall us.