Contacts vs. Glasses: Pros and Cons

person holding eyeglasses

At times you might not know which to choose. You might be thinking, “Should I get myself some glasses, or should I rest and make use of a contact lens instead. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, you know. The choice you select at the end of the day depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. 

Glasses vs. Contacts 

Glasses have two types. There are single vision glasses that are created to correct distance issues on the eyes of the users. There are also multifocal ones that correct distance and near vision problems like reading. 

What are the Pros of Glasses? 

Glasses are simple to use. You wear them, and you’re ready to go. You do not need to get unique solutions to clean them. They don’t need a lot of care in handling them. 

You could make use of several different frames. These would fit your style. If you have a vision that remains the same, you don’t need to change your glasses every time. 

You don’t need to touch your eyes every time too. You could with ease take your glasses off and put them whenever you desire. 

What are the Cons of Glasses 

Eyeglasses could distort your vision like the edge of lenses. Suppose you have strong astigmatism or prescriptions. You might not like how heavy the glasses would be on you. Some people don’t enjoy how they look with glasses. Several different people have problems adjusting to progressive lenses. 

Lenses could get splattered or fog up in the presence of rain. This might not be the best choice for other activities or sports. 

On the other hand, contacts are lenses that are created using fragile glass or plastics that sit on the eye directly, which aids in the correction of vision. There are two different types of contacts. These include both hard and soft. Some are known as rigid permeable contacts. 

What are the Pros of Contacts 

Contacts correct vision better than glasses. They move around just as your eyes move around. With contacts, nothing blocks the things you see. It doesn’t fog up whenever everywhere gets foggy or wet. 

Contacts do not stress you when you’re engaging in extreme activities. 

What are the Cons of Contacts? 

Contacts need a lot of care. You need to store and clean them immediately. You could get severe infections on your eye if you don’t clean your contacts properly or wash your hands before touching them. If you suffer from high levels of astigmatism, your vision could become blurry whenever your contact lenses rotate. 

You could make use of Toric contacts. This is a type of contact lens that can help you manage astigmatism. They are less likely to stress you or move around. But with those benefits come issues. Thankfully, the only issue with these contact lenses is that they are pretty expensive to purchase. Apart from the price you’ll need to pay, it works very well for people who have astigmatism.