Beverage Reviews: Orange Fanta vs Citrus Flavored Soda by Coca Cola

When it comes to making great beverages, Coca-Cola stands out as one of the best brands that you can rely on for top-notch quality products that can serve you and your everyday needs. Coca-Cola, as a brand, has a lot of manufacturing plants all over the world, and daily, the amount of revenue they generate from their products is very impressive. Leaving all these details aside, let’s talk about two of their most loved beverage brands, the orange Fanta and the citrus-flavored soda. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review of these brands under the Coca-Cola bottling company, and why it is the most loved amongst all beverage brands in the industry.

Orange Fanta

The Fanta Orange is Coca-Cola’s second-oldest products, and to date, it is still the most frequently purchased product. It was created in 1955, and since then it has made a lot of sales throughout the world. The Fanta Orange is made up of 2% percent juice and it has claimed to contain less artificial colors and no artificial flavors. Over the years, Fanta has always tried its best to limit the amount of sugar content present in its line of products, and currently, each product only contains about 25% less sugar. It is also great in delivering vitamin C to several parts of the body. For vitamin C supplements, you can check out Thorne Research and Integrative Therapeutics.

Fanta Orange is made up of carbonated water, sugar, sweetener, and other ingredients. It is a brand that adults and children enjoy.

Citrus Flavored Soda

When it comes to citrus flavored products, the Coca-Cola bottling company also stands out as one of the best. In this brand, there are a lot of products which include the Fresca Citrus Soda, the Mello-Yello, and the most popular one – Surge. The citrus flavored soda line is not so popular in the market when compared to the Orange Fanta line of beverages, but it is also a brand that stands out greatly. The Surge beverage was very popular in the ’90s, and it was made to be in direct competition with Mountain Dew, a rival product. However, in late 2003, the production of the Surge citrus-flavored soda was discontinued due to the inability to bring in more revenue to the company and make good sales then. In 2014, the company re-released the product due to the demand of a lot of old fans on Facebook. In 2018, the product was released internationally, and it has continued to make better sales.

In a nutshell, the Orange Fanta brand and the citrus-flavored soda brands are all great brands under the Coca-Cola bottling company. However, when it comes to the brand that is loved by a lot of people, the Orange Fanta brand is the winner here.

The Orange Fanta brand and the citrus-flavored soda are great brands built under the Coca-Cola bottling company umbrella. Over the years, they have done their very best in the delivery of top-notch products to be used by customers worldwide. The Orange Fanta, however, stands out in all ramifications as the best in the lineup, since it is more appreciated.