Blenders to Purée Soup

clear glass pitcher with sliced fruits

Making use of a blender is one of the fastest ways you can puree a boiling soup. There are high amounts of caution you could take to reduce the rate of hot soup to spray and jump out of your blender. 

One of the important lessons I want to teach you here is to learn other people’s mistakes. You live just once, and you don’t have all the time in the world to make all these mistakes and learn from them. 

How can you safely Puree Very Hot Soup Using Your Blender? 

After cooking your soup, you need to allow your soup to cool down for some minutes before putting it inside your blender. Just 5 minutes is more than okay. 

It would be best if you got rid of the center cap from your blender lid. It would be best if you fill your blender halfway without adding anything. 

You should use a towel on the top of your blender and use your hand to hold the towel to remain on the same spot. 

Then you blend your soup. Start gently, and slowly increase the speed. Make sure you don’t put all the soup you cooked. Do this in batches. Gently and slowly. 

After you have your first batch of pureed soup, turn it into a bowl. Then from this point, you repeat the entire process using the remaining soup. 

Next, you should return your soup to the pot you used to cook it. Then turn on the gas and reheat everything. 

Other ways you could use your blender to Puree Soup 

It would be best if you poured soup let or fill half of your blender. Then get rid of the plug from the lid. Cover your lid using nothing but a towel. This is necessary to allow the steam to run away from the blender. You could get some of your soup stained on your towel. That’s not a problem. That a lot better than burning yourself or your poor beautiful hands. 

Turn on your blender and keep blending your soup gently and slowly until you have a smooth soup. The time to do this greatly varies on the type of blender you’re making use of. 

After you’re done, pour your soup into a bowl. Repeat the entire process using the remaining soup. After you finish doing the same thing for the entire soup, just like the first method, you need to take the soup back to the pot and reheat it. 

My thoughts on using Blenders to Puree Soup 

There are a lot of people that cannot eat soups that are not smooth. Using a blender to satisfy someone that loves their soup in fresh, smooth, pureed form is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do this. This is also an excellent method when you don’t want to stress yourself cooking a brand new soup for a visitor who wants to eat soup that is smooth all around it. Make sure you puree your soup using a blender. You use your towel gently so you don’t get burnt. See you later, darling.