Black Coffee vs. Mushroom Coffee with MCT Oil

Well, hello there. Today I’ll be comparing Mushroom Coffee with MCT Oil vs. Black Coffee. You might like one more than the other and find out the difference between them isn’t so much like that. So stay tuned and enjoy this piece.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

This is a coffee that is presently trending. It is created using grounded mushrooms medically available and coffee beans. These basic mushrooms used include Turkey’s tail, Reishi, Lion’s mane, Cordyceps and Chaga.

How is Mushroom Coffee Made?

For you to properly make mushroom coffee, the fruiting bodies of your mushrooms are gathered and extracted. Then made into powders that are organic and completely free of other additives, carriers, and fillers.

Using a double-sided process of extraction, these mushrooms become dehydrated. Then they are grounded into outstanding pieces of powder. Then they are mixed into grounded coffee beans. These are usually done in a one-to-one ratio.

You could purchase your Mushroom Coffee using the following forms:

  1. Coffee Pods
  2. Ground Coffee Blends
  3. Instant coffee packets

These Coffee pods could help you prepare your coffee using the typical methods used to prepare your regular coffee. These are used in the preparation of your regular mochas, black coffee drinks, and lattes.

These medicinal mushrooms are dehydrated and out of water. They are ground into outstanding pieces of powder. They are also mixed using ground coffee beans which end up producing mushroom coffee. This is later on prepared using the same black coffee techniques.

What is Black Coffee

This Black coffee has what is known as chlorogenic acid. This helps reduce the rate and speed of the production of glucose available in our bodies. This means if you end up drinking black coffee after eating a meal, your body ends up producing a lower amount of fat cells and glucose.

This black coffee also has antioxidants. This helps in reducing your weight.

Black Coffee has a high quantity of caffeine. This helps in stimulating metabolic activities and also increases the level of energy that we have. It also helps in the suppression of hunger.

As stated before, black coffee has is also known to be a drink that has meager calories. This means you don’t gain any weight if you drink black coffee every day.

Many different people like to take their black coffee for some minutes before they go to the gym. This is as a result of the fact that it helps in boosting their levels of metabolism. It allows them to get a lot of benefits all through their workout session.

My thoughts on Black Coffee vs. Mushroom Coffee with MCT Oil

At the end of the day. The type of coffee you end up drinking depends on you. You might prefer black coffee instead of mushroom coffee or Mushroom coffee instead of black coffee. Both of them have the same benefits in your body. So it is all a matter of choice.