Best Types of Paint Finishes for Different Rooms of the House

Are you planning to give your room a spectacular look? Did you know the painting of your house and the designs can vary from room to room? You might want to give it a try.

Just as we decorate our homes differently from our offices, the different rooms in our house should also get different decorations as well as paint finishes. You cannot give your baby girl’s room the same painting that you would do for your own master bedroom or living room. It takes away the creativity and versatility.

In this article, we will look at the different types of paint finishes for different rooms of the house. We will try to compare glazed/watertight, chalkboard walls, and other types of paint finish that you can use for different types of rooms.

Watertight Paint Finishes

A watertight paint is waterproof and doesn’t allow water to come in or escape through it. You may wonder why you need waterproof paint anywhere in your house, but if you consider it carefully, you will notice that some parts of your house will definitely become humid and moist during cold seasons. This will likely distort the ambiance of that part of your house, which is not a good sight to behold. Your bathroom also needs this type of paint finish if the walls are not tiled.

Chalkboard Wall

This is mostly suitable for people who are very artistic in nature. You may feel the urge to hang some of your great paintings on your wall and not have to worry about what anybody thinks about the positioning. When a visitor enters your room, they see your hand drawings or beautiful works of art hanging on your chalkboard wall, they naturally get the sense that it is supposed to be there since the wall was made specifically for that purpose.

Flat and Matte

This one is most suitable for your ceilings, bedrooms, and living rooms. These two, when combined, have a non-reflective and low luster finish, helping you hide the imperfections on your walls or ceilings. They are mostly recommended for use in places where you feel your visitors might easily see.  They are well resistant to stains and you can bet they will last longer than normal water paints.


If you want to give your rooms a shiny look that also reflects light, you should consider getting a semi-gloss painting. Think of a paint finish that is strong against any possible wear or tear and also gives ease of cleaning when any stain is on it, and the semi-gloss finish would be your best bet. Before you use this finish though, you should ensure that the walls are really smooth and clean, scrape off any sign of old paint or unevenness before you begin to paint.

It is suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, windows, trims, and sometimes even for your baby’s room.

You can also choose a combination of one or more of these paint finishes to make your room look spectacular and beautiful.