Best Microwaveable Coffee Cup Reviews

When the weather is extremely cold, people want to have a cup of coffee or tea that is hot to help their bodies manage the cold weather conditions. In most cases, you would simply decide to stay indoors, thus it is important to have the right cup that could be used in your microwave. 

A lot of coffee cups and mugs are available in stores, but the problem comes in finding the best one so your money is not wasted. Checking how durable the coffee cup is and if it does not leak in the presence of hot temperatures, as well as how easy you can use it, are other valuable properties. So here are a few of our favorite microwaveable coffee cups.

5 Top Microwaveable Coffee Cup Options


This 16 oz. microwaveable coffee cup has properties that include its powerful coffee cup lid, thus preventing it from leaking or throwing away your coffee or beverage. Apart from that, it makes sure your coffee is hot or warm as desired by you and the time you keep it in the microwave. Zojirushi is one of the best coffee cups that can be used in a microwave for this season. It also comes with a warranty plan of 5 years when it comes to keeping your coffee warm or hot.  It is available in various colors to make the user feel comfortable in cold weather. 


OXO is an inexpensive microwaveable coffee cup. It has great properties like its high insulation rat, and it doesn’t leak, making it great for use in the microwave. It can be easily gripped and taken along when it needs to be used, because it is made of plastic. Because Oxo can only hold up to 10 oz. of coffee, it can simply be used by those who desire single cups of coffee.

Hydro Flask

This coffee cup is more like a flask used to get up to 16 oz. worth of coffee inside, and it can be used to serve other beverages around the home with its great pouring ability. With the use of this device, after making your coffee and warming it up in the microwave, you could easily either put it in another cup for consumption or drink it straight up from the Hydro Flask itself. It is also made of stainless steel, maintaining the temperature of the content for a long period, thus making it highly insulated.


Here we have S’well, which can carry about 12 oz. of liquid in it. S’well is a pretty and well-known microwaveable coffee cup that has been specially designed to fit easily in your hands. It has a large mouth that can be used to consume the liquid content in the coffee cup, thus making it easy to put other beverages into the coffee cup or make different types of tea. It is highly insulated, thus easily keeping your liquid content warm/hot when you need it to, and it has a great coffee cup lid.

OmniWare Teaz Cafe Infuser Mug

The TeaSource OmniWare Teaz Cafe Infuser Mug features a stainless-steel mesh infuser basket that enables you to steep tea. Or, you can use it to drink your favorite coffee or other hot beverage. The ceramic lid serves as a coaster. This 11 oz. mug is lead-free and is safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher.