Best Grills for Barbeque Season

It’s another beautiful season folk; time to roll out those beautiful grilling machines and enjoy the best ribs of your life. No doubt, grilled meat is the most scrumptious way to enjoy the picturesque gloriousness that the great outdoors offers. We’ve been around, thus, when it comes to the best grills for the barbeque season, we know every important name and brand in the market. But regardless of whether you are looking for a charcoal grill, an electric grill,  or another type of grill, you’ll have to equip yourself with the most up-to-date safety tips. Hence, our charcoal grill safety tips.

Charcoal grills are by far the most prominent grills among the top-rated grills in the world today. They are durable, versatile, affordable, and you can use them anywhere. Whether you are out camping or planning a barbeque treat for your neighbors in your backyard, a charcoal grill will ensure you have your fill of barbeque. Charcoal grills are the most traditional type of grills and they are almost as old as grilling itself. Thus they are the ideal choice for your grilling experience and endeavors. However, to safely operate the grill without burning yourself or your barbeque, you should have these charcoal grill safety tips at the back of your mind.

4 Top Charcoal Grill Safety Tips

1. Don’t leave your grill untended.

One of the best charcoal grill safety tips to have at the back of your mind when grilling is that you shouldn’t leave your grill untended. Charcoal grills can get hot quickly, and as such, should always keep your grill tended at all times; either by you or another responsible adult. Besides, leaving your charcoal grill untended may lead to your barbeque getting overcooked or burnt.

2. Check for gas leaks before igniting your grill.

Another charcoal grill safety tip to have at the back of your mind is to always check your charcoal grill for gas leaks. Most charcoal grill variants available in the market today use gas for power; therefore, they are prone to gas leaks. That is why you must check your charcoal grill regularly for gas leaks. To do this, hook up your charcoal grill to the gas cylinder without flipping on the switch and examine every inch of the grill for leaks.

3. Keep a minimum 10 feet space between your house and your charcoal grill.

You don’t want your grill too close to your house when grilling with charcoal as it can expose you and your family to fire and smoke hazards. Even though the best barbeque grills don’t emit that much smoke, it is recommended that you keep your barbeque grill at a safe distance from your home.

4. Always keep a fire extinguisher around.

Fire outbreak and burnt barbeque are perhaps the worst outcomes of grilling, but they are bound to happen from time to time. Make sure you are prepared such dire circumstances by keeping a fire extinguisher handy.

There are many great grills out there, each with its upsides and downsides. But, if you choose to go for the more traditional charcoal grill option, make sure you are equipped with these charcoal grill safety tips.