Best Face Masks for Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

The fear of losing our kids or young ones to COVID-19 is even worse than the virus affecting us. And these days as everything is resuming, our young ones need to get the best face masks which would keep them safe till the end of this pandemic. The CDC makes us all wear face masks whenever we are out in public.

Importance of Face Masks for Kids During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are lots of people that have COVID-19. Though these symptoms don’t show, kids and even adults need to cover their noses and mouths with face masks so the chances of spreading this disease will reduce rapidly. These face masks are very important because it helps prevent spreading the virus. After all, if someone sneezes close to you, you’ll be safe if you’re wearing your mask.

Importance of Face Masks for Kids and Why They Should Wear it

Your kids can wear face masks from two years of age and older. Even kids that have ailments should wear face masks when going to public places.

Kids less than two years of age shouldn’t wear face masks because of the fear of them dying of suffocation. Anyone that isn’t conscious or someone that cannot remove these face masks without help should never put one on.

When Should Kids Wear Face Masks? 

1. Kids should wear face masks when they are in school or child care. Is it important for places like these because for your kids to resume school or childcare, they need to be safe and protected. Using face masks reduces the spread of the virus way better than not wearing face masks.

2. They should wear face masks when they have to stay close to others in a way that is less than six feet. Kids of two years and older need to wear face masks outdoors and indoors whenever they have to stay close to others. Places like these include child care, playground, grocery store, and other places.

3. If your kids are fragile medically, they should have an adult staying with them which would keep them safe and protect them too.

Best Face Masks for Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

If you have kids that are afraid of face masks, help them reduce the fear of getting typical face masks by acquiring masks that are more stylish.

1. Make it look like the face masks used by Mortal Kombat characters. They would love feeling like Scorpion, Kitana, Jade, and others.

2. Make use of face masks that have an image of their best toy.

3. Make them look more fun and personalized

4. Make a face mask with their photo on it

5. You could put superheroes like Iron Man and Superman on the mask so your kids will feel like they’ve got this.

6. Put an image of one of their best game characters on the mask.

7. Wear your face mask at home and when you’re going out, give your kids an identical copy of yours.