Best Coffee Makers Reviewed

Coffee makers today have gone beyond just brewing a cup of joe. Now, there are some coffee makers that not only grind beans but also produce frothy milk that is used to make specialty drinks like macchiatos and lattes. Some machines are even used for brewing iced coffee. In this article, we highlight the reviews of some of the best coffee makers so that you can make the right choice when you want to buy them.

New features are not the only factors that make these coffee makers the best in the market. Recently, coffee makers have also improved their speed. They now brew faster than they used to.

Below are the reviews of some of the best coffee makers that are available in the market today. Among these are grind-and-brew, one-mug, cold-brew, pod, self-serve, drip, and dual coffee/espresso.

6 Best Coffee Makers Reviewed

(DCC-3000) Cuisinart Coffee on Demand

This coffee maker is a self-serve one. This means that it can allow the user to directly fill up a mug from the heated reservoir without a carafe. This model has been tested and found to be very good and reliable. Some of its features are water filter, programming, removable reservoir, auto-shutoff, small-batch setting, cleaning indicator, and a permanent filter.

Bella 14755 (including a brew strength selector)

This is one of the best coffee makers in the market. Many models are 3 times more expensive than Bella 14755 but do not perform up to it. With every lab test that was conducted, it had great performances, making it to be rated among the best based on predicted reliability. This drip model features programming, permanent filter, auto-shutoff, and brew-strength control.

Bunn HB Heat N Brew (Programmable)

Based on the tests that were conducted in the lab, this drip model is rated as very good. The set has just a few features, which include programming, cleaning indicator, and auto-shutoff, but it is relatively expensive. But, you are still going to love it. Its owner satisfaction rating is excellent.

Cuisinart Touchscreen 14-Cup (DCC-T20 Programmable)

This coffee maker is traditional, but it has a modern design. Its controls are touchscreen. The features of this drip model are auto-shutoff, water filter, small-batch setting, programming, brew-strength control, permanent filter, and cleaning indicator. The brew performance of this coffee maker is rated as excellent. The set is a little but expensive, but it is worth the whole penny.

(BVMC O-CT) Mr. Coffee Occasions

This is a dual coffee/espresso coffee maker. You can use it to brew coffee either from Keurig pods or from fresh grounds. Its brew performance rating is very good, and it has been rated as a convenient set to use. It has a lot of features, which include a drip tray, thermal carafe, removable reservoir of water, auto-shutoff, permanent filter, and a frother of milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

Primula Burke (PBPBK-5101)

It is cheaper than every other cold brew model and is among the best in the market. For convenience, it is rated as excellent. The Primula Burke has a carafe made of glass and it has many dishwasher-safe parts.

Which coffee maker will you choose?