Are Bare Minerals Safe?

If you are a fan of clean makeup, you may have considered trying, or you may have already tried the Bare Minerals brand. Bare Minerals is advertised as being cruelty free, paraben free, and vegan, all reasons you might want to put their cosmetics on your “to buy” list.

However, lately, new information has come to light which might make you ask, Are Bare Minerals safe? Read on to find out why many clean makeup users are questioning the product line, and find out which natural makeup brands you can trust.

Are Bare Minerals Safe? Not According to These Ingredients

Metal Oxides: If you read the ingredient label on Bare Minerals products, you will find that some metal oxides are present. One metal oxide they use is titanium dioxide, an inorganic compound that may increase the risk of lung damage when inhaled.

Linalool and Limonene: Linalool and limonene are both often used in cosmetics products including those in the Bare Minerals line. Linalool is known to enhance fragrance and provide a soothing quality; however, it has also been found to be cytotoxic, meaning it causes cell death.

Limonene increases absorption of other products, which is not always a good thing. If the product contains sensitizing ingredients, the presence of limonene will increase the likelihood of skin irritation.

Non-Vegan, Inorganic Products: Although Bare Minerals claims to be vegan, their cosmetics contain ingredients like beeswax and carmine. Beeswax is vegetarian, but, because it is an animal product, it is not vegan.

Carmine is a red pigment derived from the crushed female cochineal insect. Reportedly, 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce one pound of this dye.

If you have been using Bare Minerals cosmetics, it is likely you are wondering: Are Bare Minerals safe? You may also be considering what alternatives are available.

Try These Safe and Natural Makeup Brands

Here are a couple of natural makeup brands that offer clean cosmetics as well as truth in advertising.

100% Pure

100% Pure manufactures vegan cosmetic products that are free of parabens, synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, and harsh detergents. They offer a wide range of cosmetics that look great and smell terrific. Products like their Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer or their Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel will get you looking and feeling your best.

Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale line includes mineral-based makeup that is free of any toxic chemicals. Their cosmetics are easy to use, multifunctional, and recommended for women of all ages and ethnicities. Try their Beauty Prep Hyaluronic Serum or Triple Luxe Long Lasting Lipstick to find out how they can take your look to the next level.

The increased emphasis on health is causing cosmetic companies to get on board, incorporating cleaner practices into the manufacturing of their makeup. Stop wondering: Are Bare Minerals safe? Instead, why not go for a brand you know you can trust?

Which will you be using to ensure you are doing all you can to maintain your health and a terrific fresh look? Let us know in the comments below!

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