Baby Speaker Monitor Reviews

Baby monitors recommended through these reviews are simply the easiest to use, as they are highly sensitive to the movement and sound of the baby. They also provide the clearest sound for adults, making use of the baby monitor. It also has a very decent range, making it very easy to carry the unit around the house. Even in the yard, you’ll be notified when your little one makes a peep. You’ll know how and when it happens.

These are the Baby Speaker Monitors Review of some of the best available.

Top 5 Baby Speaker Monitors Review Options

1.     DECT Philips Avent Baby Monitor

This is a great baby monitor with a lot of features. It has the most reliable and clearest reception on this list. It has a great range of about 1,000 feet outdoors and about 160 feet indoors. It has a nursery temperature monitor, a two-way intercom, a nightlight remote controller, and about 5 different lullabies for your babies. It has great battery life too.

2.     VTech DM221 Baby Audio Monitor

This baby speaker monitor has superior functionality and features. Apart from the normal audio monitor functionality, it presents itself with a two-way intercom, which helps in letting you talk back to your young one. It works like a great walkie talkie. It also has a vibrating alert for situations where it would need to be muted. It even has a rechargeable battery in the unit for the parents/guardians and a night light on the baby unit.

3.     VTech DM111 Baby Audio Monitor

This is an inexpensive and very simple baby audio monitor with some very nice features. This Vtech baby audio monitor makes use of the DECT audio transmission for high quality sound and reduced white noise. It is easy to use, completely reliable, and cheap to obtain.

4.     Hello Baby HB180 Baby Audio Monitor

This baby speaker monitor offers a lot of functions and also has DECT technology, like the Philips Model. It has a nursery temperature monitor, long-range transmission, lullabies, two-way intercom, and a night light. It works very well, so you don’t have to stress yourself anymore.

5.     Summer Baby Infant Wave Baby Monitor

 This is a very simple baby audio monitor. It is cheaper and simpler than the usual option. It has great sound and an acute indicator light that changes color to the range of noise your baby is emitting. You’ll know the exact moment you need to go and check on your crying baby.

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