Auto Safety Reviews – Which Car is Better: BMW or Mercedes?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two auto brands that have always been put in comparison. We can’t deny that these auto brands come with luxury appearances and performance and have world-class attention. These two German automakers are the best selling cars across the world, and they belong to the sector of high priced cars, but people won’t stop asking questions like: “Which car is better: BMW or Mercedes?”

These world-class automobiles are remarkable for their infinite details. They have similar features, so most often, the cost is a determining factor in selecting which one to buy. Your budget remains a great determining factor to break the ties between the two automakers.


BMW is nicknamed the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” The headquarters is in Munich, Germany, where the brand started in 1916 with aircraft engines, after which they began making automobiles and motorcycles. BMW has a combination of handling/steering prowess and impressive refinement. They have adopted electronic steering for more comfort. The aspirated inline sounds are great and very smooth.


Mercedes has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. They have a reputation for manufacturing luxury cars, buses, coaches, and trucks. The Mercedes brand is synonymous with ultimate comfort. Mercedes-Benz pursues performance. This we see in the rise in the number of Mercedes-AMG cars – the coupe and convertible.

Which Car is Better: BMW or Mercedes?

BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine” because it focuses on crafting and engineering powerful car engines, while Mercedes, on the other hand, focuses on building ultimate comfort for its users. This is the first line difference between these two cars.

If you are choosing Mercedes-Benz, you have the luxury of choosing from the Sedan-C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, the E-Class wagon, and the popular Mercedes Maybach. Mercedes cars come in a full range and exciting customization options and features. 

If you opt for BMW, you have the best possible choice of luxury to enjoy here. BMW has seven standard series of vehicles, and each is available in multiple streams with feature packages. Aside from the standard series, BMW offers BMW I line, BMW M line, and the X and Z4 series. We give it to BMW for a broad selection of luxury car series.

Based on Interior

Both brands do well with interior designs. However, Mercedes has an edge in interior quality as it keeps its interior posh with the latest gadgets, which is one of the reasons for the higher cost of Mercedes. BMW has the best interiors when considering its luxurious brands (especially the 7 series).


One of the biggest benefits of choosing BMW and Mercedes is high reliability.  After buying either this brand, you can be assured that there won’t be a need for replacement in years to come. Both cars are tough.


Both manufacturers invested heavily in automobile performance. If you want a small luxury car with great performance, your best bet is the BMW. While Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class belongs to the class of highest-performing luxury sedans, you can conveniently get a BMW with style and great performance.


Mercedes is more expensive compared to BMW,  so you can break the tie on which to buy with the cost. At this point, your budget will determine which car is better for you.