Apple iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 12 What’s the Difference

iPhone though, when was the last iPhone model released that they want to oppress everyone by making them have this feeling to upgrade their devices. Oh well. This article is simply going to talk about the differences between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Stay tuned

Differences in Sizes and Models 

The entry-level iPhone 12 has a five-point four inch. iPhone 12 mini represents a brand new size for these Apple products. There is also the 6.1 inch iPhone 12. This has a size that is quite similar to the usual iPhone 11.

As you start using the pro phones, you need to know that this iPhone 12 Pro has two different sizes. 6.1 inches for the iPhone 12 Pro and then for the iPhone 12 Pro max, it has a 6.7 inches screen. The iPhone 11 and the Pro Max are 5.8 and 6.7 inches specifically to them. Apple’s new iPhone 12 has a lineup that has more choices than the iPhone 11 ever had.

The Difference in Prizes

The iPhone 12 mini is quite cheap. You can get it for six hundred and ninety-nine dollars. The typical iPhone 12 costs about seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars. It also comes with 64gb of storage. There are a hundred and twenty-eight GB which costs more for fifty dollars while that of two hundred and fifty-six GB costs an added one hundred and fifty dollars.

The iPhone 12 Pro max and Pro start with a hundred and twenty-eight GB storage and it cost exactly what the iPhone 11 pro costs. You can get it for 999 dollars for the small models while 1099 dollars for the large model.

For keeping with the usual traditions, Apple is dropping the 11 Pro range as it tries to preserve the standard gotten from the market for iPhone 11. The price has reduced from 699 dollars now it is 599 dollars. 

The difference in the design of these two Phones.

The iPhone 12 truly quite has the makeover it deserves. It has flatter sides instead of that from the iPhone 11 rounded design. This retro-modern look is quite appealing. Even if you’ve got the sides dug into your hands more, you’re going to love it.

One of the hugest changes that can be noticed is the shield display made with ceramics on all models of the iPhone 12. Apple has given a promise on the 4x drop in performance after comparing this to the iPhone 11 series. This is quite far when compared to the iPhone 12 drop tests. So these are quite nice.

The iPhone 12 has the same earpiece and camera. They are identical to those used before. Apple has reduced the bezel around the Retina XDR super display on all models of the iPhone. This has led to increased quality from your photos and the quality of songs listened to from this new apple device.

In the end, it’ll be your choice of knowing which to purchase or not.