Allergy Product Reviews

Everybody on the planet wants to live a healthy, happy, and well-fulfilled life, and for this reason, they have indulged in so many kinds of supplements to help them remain healthy. With the whole world facing a deadly pandemic, which is the coronavirus, every one of us needs to take practical measures to stay safe by keeping our immune system strong, and of course, maintaining social distancing.

There are so many supplements that can help your body’s immune system stay healthy, which are also good for your general well-being. One such supplement is A.I. Formula by Pure Encapsulations.

Below are some of the things that make it a wise choice for you.

Why Choose A.I. Formula from Pure Encapsulations?

These are hypoallergenic products that have been painstakingly formulated with the use of pure ingredients that have been made to have positive results that will be beneficial for all patients, including those that are very sensitive. These products do not contain gluten, wheat, egg, GMO’s, artificial colors and sweeteners, hydrogenated fat, magnesium stearate, and some other ingredients that may not really be necessary.

The A.I. Formula helps your body’s immune response to remain healthy. It is a wide spectrum, and a synergistic mixture of different concentrated extracts that helps to maintain a healthy production of leukotriene, fibrin, histamine, thromboxane, and kinin in the body.

·       A.I Formula is a safe supplement that helps to naturally regulate the production of immune modulators, such as histamine, thereby making the inflammatory response remain at a moderated cellular level.

·       Quercetin helps to restrain the synthesis of all enzymes that need to be restrained and it also helps the body to release and degranulate histamine.

·       Compounds that are responsible for the promotion of the inflammatory process, such as the fibrin and kinin, and inhibited by bromelain.

·       Turmeric maintains a healthy release of histamine and immune response at a cellular level.

This formula has the following: 2400 gdu/gram of bromelain, Quercetin from the flower buds of the pagoda tree in Japan (Sophora Japonica), ginger extract or root that have been made standard to have just 5 percent of gingerol enzymes from a pineapple plant’s stem, vitamin C from the fermentation of corn dextrose, and extracts from the root of turmeric, which have been standardized to 95 percent.


If you are a lactating or pregnant woman, you should not take this supplement.

If you are under a particular medication or are having some health issues, consult your doctor before using this formula. There are ginger and bromelain in this formula, which you should not take together with any blood-thinning medication as it may result in theoretical or potential interactions.

Always remember to keep it out of the reach of your children and in a dry and cool place.