Top 10 Best Security Bars in 2017 Reviews

Security is important to homeowners. It’s a painful experience if you walk into your home or wake up one morning and find everything in the house gone. Well, there are a lot of ways to enhance security in your premise, and one of these is using security bars. Specially designed to beef up security in your house, these items deter thieves from getting access into your home. They make thieves and other ill-minded people think twice before breaking into your house.

In fact, they are one of the best equipment through which you can add extra security in home. Most of them are easy to install and will work just fine no matter the type of door or window your house has. Although there are many of them out there, you only stand a chance for maximum protection if you settle on the best. In this compilation, we bring you the top 10 best security bars in 2017 reviews.

10. Mace 80115 Security Bar

10-mace-80115-security-barBeef up your home’s security with this adjustable door brace from Mace. It comes equipped with strong 20-gauge steel, and it’s perfect for dorms, apartments, homes, and office. It works for both sliding and hinged doors. Ideally, it has a collapsible design that ensures it’s easy to store. The Mace 80115 Security Bar comes with bracing pin for added strength. It adjusts, so it can easily fit most standard doors. The Big Jammer Adjustable Security Bar is easy to install under your doorknob and it offers added security for your home or business.

9. Ideal Security SK110W Security Bar

9-ideal-security-sk110w-security-barAdd security, safety, and visual deterrent to your sliding patio door with this quality adjustable security bar. Given that it’s very easy for burglars to force a door open, this security bar will without doubt be of great help. It is adjustable from 25-1/2 inches to 47-1/2 inches, and will fit most of your standard doors. Ideally, it’s easy to install with no tools required. It is also easy to use, as all you need to do is to swing it out of the way to open.

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8. U.S. PATROL 82-5322 Security Bar

8-u-s-patrol-82-5322-security-barSecure your home from burglars and other ill-minded people with this alarm security bar from U.S. PATROL. Given its versatility, this security bar can be effectively used to secure homes, offices, dorms or hotel rooms. Its alarm sounds like a barking dog or powerful siren as soon as the doorknob is touched to warn you of possible intrusion. The bar is made of heavy-duty 20-gauge steel, so it can serve you for years to come. It is easy to install and uses a single 9-volt battery (not included) for outstanding performance.

7. SGR Security Bar

7-sgr-security-barStop avoidable break-ins at home or in the office with SGR’s Security Bar. Its rubberized grip on its telescoping steel tube jams under any doorknob to prevent kick-ins and burst deadbolts. The skid-resistant rubber foot will grip your carpet, tile, wood or linoleum floors. This deluxe door guard security bar telescopes to 42 inches for optimum performance and has a diameter that measures 26 inches long by 2.5 inches. It offers your home or office an added dose of safety by reinforcing doors from intruders.

6. Brinks 675-83001 Security Bar

6-brinks-675-83001-security-barThis portable security bar from Brinks is constructed with high-strength 20-gauge steel and comes equipped with a pivoting, padded foot and non-marring top yoke for secure fit. It is retractable, meaning you can either use it at home or take it with you whenever you go. It adjusts from 25 inches to 43 inches to fit most standard doors. Brinks products are top quality and effectively keep your loved ones and property safe. That’s exactly what this product does. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can buy with 100-percent confidence.

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5. Armor FAJ-EXT-20000-RP Fix-A-Jamb

5-armor-faj-ext-20000-rp-fix-a-jambOne of the best ways to repair and reinforce a damaged jamb is to use the FAJ-EXT-20000-RP Fix-A-Jamb from Armor. It is as effective as top performing security products, but do not use it as one, because it will not protect your door or its hinges. Only use it to repair and reinforce a damaged jamb. The item is easy to install and you need only 15 minutes of installation. Moreover, it’s 40 inches long and is secured using 3-1/2-inch screws. The screws are 7 in total.

4. Miles Kimball Security Bar

4-miles-kimball-security-barIf you want to reinforce your home’s security, this security bar from Miles Kimball should not miss out from your list. It wedges right under your handle to make sure intruders cannot forcefully open it from outside. It is made of a metal tube with plastic, and it measures 33-5/8 inches long though you can adjust it to 38-7/8 inches long for peerless performance. Give your family an added measure of security and peace of mind with the Miles Kimball Door Security Bar.

3. U.S. PATROL Exclusive Security Bar

3-u-s-patrol-exclusive-security-barSecurity is important and homes that are secure bring peace and happiness to the owner. Well, one way to improve security in your home and even office is by using security bars. Nevertheless, you should go for a quality security bar like the Exclusive Alarm Security Bar from U.S. PATROL. Place it under the doorknob so intruders may find it impossible to break the door and get access to your home.

2. Cocoweb Security Bar

2-cocoweb-security-barBuilt to tightly secure hinged doors and reinforce sliding doors, the Cocoweb Portable Dual-Function Security Bar will always keep your home on full lockdown and free of burglars. It is made of heavy-duty 20-gauge steel, which is thick and rugged enough to withstand over 350 pounds of applied force. Its adjustable height settings can fit spaces of between 20 inches and 40 inches long. Ideally, it features a pivoting ball joint that re-angles it to any position for optimum reinforcement. Use this security bar to decrease the chances of intruders entering your home.

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1. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Security Bar – Security Bars

1. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Security Bar - Security BarsThis versatile dual-function security bar is ideal for both hinged and sliding doors. It provides your home or office with an added dose of security by reinforcing doors from outside so intruders cannot enter. The 20-gauge steel, used to construct this security bar, is durable and can withstand over 350 pounds of force. Also, there is a pivoting ball joint that ensures full contact with floor. The Master Lock Security Bar can be adjusted from 27-1/2 inches long to 42 inches long to fit most standard doors and sliding patio doors.

Protect your home and family with these top quality security bars on Amazon. Made of sturdy materials that can withstand great force, these bars are secure and intruders have no chance against them. Most of them are adjustable so they can effectively reinforce any door. Moreover, they come in a wide array of designs to make sure you get one whose features best suit your needs. Having your house broken into and your valuables stolen is finally over; thanks to these top class security bars.

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    Security bars are vital equipment through which extra security can be added to homes. The bars are easy to install and will jut work out fine regardless of the type of the doors which they are used on. There are many models out there, however, you only stand a chance of getting maximum protection by on settling on the best. In this compilation, we are going to take a look at some security bars which you should consider having to enhance your home security.
    Let take a look at top 5 best of Security Bars in 2016:

    1. Master Lock 265DCCSEN

    Master Lock 265DCCSEN is a dual function security bar which can be used for both sliding and hinged doors. One striking feature of this bar is its 20 gauge rugged steel constructions and padded foot which help to provide adequate grip without inducing any kind of scratching. The other reason why this bar is preferred in most cases is that it can in most sliding patio doors as well as the standard doors. This attribute makes it be highly convenient since it can be subjected to many applications like in schools, homes, business offices and any other kind of buildings. The design features are highly optimized and this guarantees maximum security at all times. In addition, the material from which this item is made is very thick and strong and with this, the bar is able to withstand massive force which can be as much as over 350 pounds.

    2. Cocoweb PortBlock

    Cocoweb PortBlock security bar is a big deal in that it is highly affordable and at the same time guarantees maximum protection just like other top-level security bars. For maximum reinforcement, this security bar has a pivot ball which can re-angle the bar to suitable positions. The heights can also be easily adjusted up to 40 times as there is ¼ inch spacing throughout the whole bar. PortBlock can be used for doors having wide tracks as well as in cases where the door knobs are placed higher from the ground. This security bar can extend up to 45 inches and this implies that it can offer maximum security when fitted to any kind of door. The rubber base, as well as the head connector, can also be easily removed and this allows for the Cocoweb PortBlock to slide easily into the door track.

    3. Iron Clad

    Iron Clad security bar is one item which comes with high-level standards. This bar features a heavy gauge construction which promises maximum protection and in addition if the doorknob is touched, this security bar will initiate an alarm sound which provides suitable alertness especially when you are around. The alarm sound can also be adjusted into that of a barking dog and this is a really pretty way of scaring off the intruders. The height of this bar is highly extendible and can work for ranges between 29 to 43 inches; a suitable gauge which can make Iron Clad to almost fit in any door. To keep this bar powered on, it uses a 9 volts battery which is also rechargeable. This is so ideal in that most homes do have power, therefore, charging won’t be in any way an issue.

    4. Frostfire 5014 Security Bar

    Frostfire 5014 security bar is part of a great deal that can offer maximum protection to your home against the intruders as it provides adequate reinforcements to both the bars entry and the door. This bar is designed for use in standard sliding and hinged patio doors and can provide protection without turning on to any costly anti-intruder measures. Frostfire is optimally designed and this implies that it won’t induce any kind of damage to the floor or scrap off the painting given to the door. This made possible by the yoke which is non-marked and is also easily removable to ensure smooth sliding of the door. The bar is also super strong and it can withstand large forces which can be as much as 1500 Newton (150 kg of weight).

    5. Ideal Security SK110 – Best Security Bars in 2016 Reviews

    Ideal Security SK110 security bar can automatically lock when the door is being closed and the unique thing about this bar is that it can conveniently swing out of the way. The length is highly adjustable and this implies that this security bar can be applied to most patio doors. Besides the guaranteed security, this bar is also easy to install and this kind of setup ensures that security comes without any kind of hassle. This bar can get shipped to your preferred location. The one year warranty is an assurance that this security is indeed of high quality. If any defect is suffered, this product can then be immediately returned to the manufacturer so that immediate replacement can be given. At 15.2 ounces the weight of this bar is highly favorable and this makes installation and removal to be extremely easy.

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