Top 10 Best Luggage Locks in 2017 Reviews

Security is very important when you are traveling. And one way to enhance this is to make sure your luggage is properly locked up with the best luggage locks. You know who your neighbor would be neither are you aware of their intentions. Someone might seem friendly, only to drug you or somewhat corrupt your mind before getting away with your belongings. Because of this, it’s advisable that you protect your belongings, particularly your luggage.

Using any padlock may not be the best way to protect your luggage, though. You need a premium quality lock that will prevent ill-minded people from accessing your belongings and even getting away with your valuables. Although quality locks are lightweight and easy to use i.e., attach to luggage, they are relatively sturdy and reliable. They offer you the best way to secure your luggage and travel happily with no worries. To make sure you have the easy time getting these top class locks, we bring you the following top 10 best luggage locks in 2017 reviews.

10. Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock (2-Pack)

10. Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock (2-Pack)

Tarriss, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of TSA-approved luggage locks, understands that traveling with secure luggage gives you a peaceful mind, and as such, is producing some of the best locks in the world. Made of a high strength zinc alloy, these locks will offer your luggage superior security for years to come. They have flexible cables that ensure effortless threading through luggage zippers. They also feature easy-to-use 3-dial combination, which can be set and reset to any of your preferred combination for improved security. These locks are backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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9. TravelMore Luggage Locks


The last thing you would want is to have the contents in your luggage stolen. The TravelMore Luggage Lock is made of high strength zinc alloy, which offers optimum security. It is designed with durability in mind so expect it to be of lifetime service. The flexible steel cable ensures easy threading through all kinds of luggage zippers, while the 3-dial combination makes the lock easy to set and reset to any of your preferred combination. This lock is versatile and can be used to lock a suitcase, pelican case, backpack, gym locker, briefcase, and more.

8. Kolumbo Luggage Lock



With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars after 958 customer reviews, Kolumbo Luggage Lock is, without the doubt, one of the best luggage locks on the market. It is 100-percent TSA approved; thus, it won’t be destroyed by TSA agents when checking for contents inside your luggage. The lock is designed for beach goers, frequent travelers, adventurers, and road warrior. Its high-quality zinc construction enhances its durability for optimum performance and advanced functionality. Like most top performing luggage locks, the Kolumbo Luggage Lock is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

7. Master Lock 4688D Luggage Lock


Failing to secure your luggage is an accident waiting to happen. This TSA-approved lock comes equipped with a flexible cable that enables it to resist abuse from luggage handling equipment. It is designed in such a way that you can set your own combination for convenience. The 29-millimeter (1-1/8-inch) metal body enhances performance and functionality. The Master Lock 4688D Luggage Lock is versatile and can be used to lock luggage, small cabinets, computer bags, backpacks, bags, and briefcases. It’s available in 4 bright colors (silver, blue, black, and red), so you can get one that best suits your needs.

6. Forge Luggage Locks



Recent studies indicate that theft in airports is alarmingly rising. At least 25-percent of these thefts occur in storage areas and baggage handling, according to CNN study. With this in mind, it’s important that you protect your luggage at all cost. Forge Luggage Locks are made from special alloy lock bodies, patented internal mechanisms, and hardened steel shackles for superior performance and durability. In fact, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee on this product, knowing that it cannot be broken.

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5. Brinks 161-20471 Luggage Lock



Brinks’ 161-20471 Luggage Lock is accepted by TSA, so travel with peace of mind knowing that the security of your luggage will not be compromised. It comes with a lifetime warranty and made of a solid brass body and chrome plated steel shackle. At 20 millimeters wide, this lock is truly unbreakable. And for that, it’s perfect for all types of luggage, briefcases, and backpacks. The lock comes in a pack of 2 or 4 with each pack having the same keys for easy use. The Brinks 161-20471 Luggage Lock will undoubtedly enhance the safety of your belongings.

4. Lewis N. Clark Luggage Lock


This TSA-approved luggage lock features thermoplastic rubber material that provides a comfortable grip. In other words, it’s ergonomically designed for optimum comfort. The resettable 3-dial combination allows you to walk with no keys. Also, there is a 70-millimeter flexible, coated steel cable that offers additional security and ensures peerless performance. The fact that this luggage lock is accepted by TSA agents means it won’t be damaged when your luggage is being checked at the airport. It boasts a durable cast zinc construction that can easily overcome imminent wear and tear caused by frequent use.

3. Lumintrail Luggage Lock


Other than luggage, the Lumintrail Luggage Lock can be used to lock backpack, computer bags, briefcases, small bags, and more. It is a versatile, quality lock that’s ideal for adventurers, beach goers, frequent travelers, and anyone who puts security before anything. With this bag, you’ll not have to worry about losing your keys; it features a set-your-own combination for convenience. Ideally, it has a 4-foot cable, which is constructed with coated steel to ensure long-lasting durability. This luggage lock is strong and built to last.

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2. Guardshire Luggage Locks


Are you worried about losing your belongings? Worry no more because these quality luggage locks from Guardshire are now on the market. They are the quickest and arguably the easiest locks to set up. They are durable and versatile, thus, can be used to lock luggage, suitcases, briefcases, and more. Ideally, they come with a 100-percent no question money-back guarantee, so buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be refunded if something’s not right. The time has come to buy a lock that’s impossible to break, and this luggage lock from Guardshire is the one.

1. Tarriss TSA Lock (SearchAlert) – Luggage Locks

1. Tarriss TSA Lock (SearchAlert) - Luggage Locks

Sturdy and durable, this TSA-approved luggage lock provides the much-needed security for worry-free traveling. Its 3-dial combination can be set in any of your preferred combination for optimum security. The lock also has a flexible cable that allows for effortless threading through the luggage zippers. And with the SearchAlert feature, you’ll always know when TSA agents open your luggage. The indicator changes from Green to Red when the lock is opened, so you’ll always know when something’s not right. This lock is protected by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

The last thing you want to happen to you when traveling is to have your belongings stolen. That’s why there are numerous security options such as powerful locks that secure your luggage. The above luggage locks are handy when traveling, because of their outstanding performance and functionality. They are impossible to break and will give you a peaceful mind knowing that your luggage is secure. They come in a number of designs, so you can get one that best suits your needs.



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    If you are a frequent traveler or if you live in a crowded room, I am sure the safety of your luggage is a major concern. No one wants to lose their money, documents or jewelry stored in their bags, and there is not a way we can avoid carrying these items. If you fall in any of above categories, or if normally you always have your bag, and you are now looking for a way to secure your belonging and assets, then a good luggage lock is one of the accessories you should invest in. Despite being small in size and cheap, these locks are items that can always assure you safety, comfort and peace of mind. Below are reviews of 5 best luggage locks on the market:

    5. Tarriss TSA Lock Luggage Locks for Travel

    Tarriss TSA Lock is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty, a rare feature to find on most products. This is a durable unit, designed to give you peace of mind and optimal security when you are traveling with your bag. These locks are durable, as they are made from high-grade zinc. Its lock system is a 3-dial combination, giving you maximum security. This lock system works well with varied types of bags and zippers. These programmable locks have a rugged body, to deter efforts of any thief when trying to dismantle it. Because they are TSA approved, the locks are best when either you are traveling domestically or internationally. So of you are looking for an easy to use lock unit, that is not affected by weather conditions and is affordable, then consider Tariss TSA luggage lock.

    4. Lewis N Clark TSA Cable Lock

    Lewis N Clark is a popular luggage locks brand worldwide. Lewis N Clark TSA Cable Lock is a cable model and TSA approved as suggested by the name. Today, TSA cable lock is among the market leaders in the lock category. This unit has a hard side design and is made of durable metal. It measures, 9 inches in width and 4 inches in height. It has a secure 3 digit combination locking and unlocking system, which is easy to set and reset. This makes it the ideal lock to secure your luggage when you are outdoor or indoor. This lock is made of cast zinc while the cables are coated. This unit of one of the few locks that offer reliable service is affordable and easy to use.

    3. Master Lock 1530-DCM X-treme Combination Lock

    Master lock 1530-DCM is another high quality, durable, and stunningly designed lock. Its durability is courtesy of its aluminum cover and anodized finish look. The unit has a steel shackle that is hard to cut or dismantle. Master Lock 1530, employs a digit combination locking system. To lock, you choose your 3 digit number code and then keep the number as a secret. You can choose as many codes as you wish as you are given 1500 combinations. You can use this lock in schools, by employees to lock their document wallets, in storage lockers, by an athlete to safeguard their belongings or for indoor use. This lock is light, so you will not be adding extra weight to your bag.

    2. Master Lock 4688D Luggage Lock

    Use Master Lock 4688D luggage lock to secure your luggage easily and conveniently. Unlike other luggage locks that use keys, this unit requires you to set a combination code that you will use to lock and unlock it. It is also possible to change the combination code anytime you need. The unit is TSA approved. It comes in bright colors that are attractive. You can use the lock on small cabinets, luggage, briefcase or bags. This lock is made of metal, hence, can withstand even hard interference. If you have to spot your bag in a crowded place, this conspicuous unit is all you need to identify it. Finally, the lock is usable every day; it is affordable and offers you valuable service.

    1. TSA Combination Lock – Best Luggage Locks in 2016 Reviews

    If you want to buy the best luggage lock that is available in the market today, then go for the TSA combination luggage lock. All TSA locks come equipped with universal key access for all airport baggage screeners. This means you will not have to unlock so that your luggage is screened. This security complaint feature makes this lock very convenient. This lock is made of metal (polycarbonate), making it hard to cut. This unit is easy to use and easy to carry around. The product measures 6cm x 8cm x 30 mm, so when you buy it, you are not adding an extra baggage to your bag.

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