Top 10 Best Bike Locks in 2017 Reviews

Recent studies indicate that a number of bicycles are stolen every year. Worst of all, most of these bicycles are stolen from people’s own yards. Studies also show that majority of these ill-minded people are opportunist theft meaning they are likely to steal a bicycle that is not secure. Most of them will ride the bicycle away and disappear just like that with your valuable property.

To avoid this from happening, be sure to secure your bike. There are many ways to do this, and one of them is to use a bike lock. Today, bike locks come in a wide range of designs such as folding, cable, and chain. They are designed to help secure your bicycle, so expect them to deliver. Ideally, most of them are made of sturdy materials, which are impossible to break. Since getting quality ones can be an arduous task, we bring you the following top 10 bike locks in 2017 reviews.

10. INBIKE 8 Joints Folding Bike Lock

10-inbike-8-joints-folding-bike-lockThe INBIKE Folding Bike Lock is made of stainless steel, which is covered by ABS rubber paint, so it can effectively avoid damaging the bike frame. It features a foldable design that greatly enlarges the lock space measuring 210mm-by-210mm within the smallest lock size measuring 65mm-by-131mm. Ideally, the lock can reduce the joints gap and remain tight; thanks to the advanced car rotary riveting technology. Its premium quality cylinder ensures perfect protection from pickers, drillers, and pullers. This mini bike lock is flexible, lightweight and comes equipped with resilient 5-millimeter steel bars, which feature special rivets for effortless folding.

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9. Zacro Cable Bike Lock

9-zacro-cable-bike-lockIf you want to protect your ATV, bicycle or other valuable belongings, look no further than Zacro’s Cable Bike Lock. It will meet all of your needs and achieve all of your goals for 100-percent satisfaction. It is made of heavy-duty and braided steel featuring PVC coating; thus, it is cut resistant and scratch proof for superior security. Given that it’s a self-coiling cable, Zacro Cable Bike Lock is not just convenient for storage but also is easy to install and use. It effectively keeps bike thieves at bay.

8. OUTERDO Cable Bike Lock

8-outerdo-cable-bike-lockThis anti-theft bike lock is a perfect 5-digit combination bike lock with an easy-to-reset password for your personal use. It is easy to carry and offers strong resistance from cutting tools such as saw. It is very light yet very thick with coating measuring 12 millimeters in diameter. Use it to lock up a bicycle, scooter, grills or any other item that needs security. Given its quality and features, the OUTERDO Cable Bike Lock will neither crack in low temperature environment nor deform in high temperature situation.

7. Etronic Cable Bike Lock

7-etronic-cable-bike-lockEtronic, one of the world’s best manufacturers of cable bike locks, is pleased to introduce to you a premium quality self-coiling bicycle lock. Featuring 5-pin cylinder, this lock ensures optimum pick resistance. It ensures ultra-high cable performance, as evident with its braided steel cables that offer strong cut resistance. The protective vinyl coating is handy when it comes to preventing scratching, while the sliding dust cover found over lock core is effective in preventing debris and dust from building up in the lock.

6. Master Lock 8143D Cable Lock

6-master-lock-8143d-cable-lockThe 8143D Cable Lock from Master Lock is easy to use and highly durable. It is 1.2 meters (4 feet) long and has braided steel that measures 8 millimeters (5/16 inch) diameter for optimum strength and flexibility. The protective vinyl coating prevents against scratches, while the 3-dial combination security ensures keyless convenience. Given its long length, this cable lock is versatile and it can be used to lock up bikes, tool boxes, ladders and other valuable items that need to be secured.

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5. Amazer Chain Bike Lock

5-amazer-chain-bike-lockSet your own personalized 4-digit combination with this chain bike lock from Amazer. It is multipurpose and perfect for bikes, ladders, tool boxes, and sports equipment among others. The weather proof sleeve is high quality and will protect your belongings from being scratched while promoting the life of your chain lock. Use it to lock your bike to a tree, railing or rack. The lock is only 1.55 pounds; hence, it’s easy to use and store. It is the perfect option to keep bicycle thieves at bay.

4. Ardent Cable Bike Lock

4-ardent-cable-bike-lockStrong and secure, this 5’6” by 0.38” self coiling, braided steel cable is cut resistant and made to deter bike thieves from targeting your bicycle. It has a protective ABS coating that prevents it from scratching your bike, luggage, grills, scooter, and more. It also has an easy-to-set security combination that has 10,000 possibilities. Given its features and qualities, the Ardent Cable Bike Lock can withstand the effects of rust, rain, sun, and wind. It is protected by the manufacturer’s 30-day no questions asked 100-percent guarantee.

3. Foneso Chain Bike Lock


A 5-character password is all you need for maximum security. This is because it has 100 thousand possibilities. And the good news is that the Foneso Chain Bike Lock comes equipped with that feature. It is a lightweight chain featuring a flexible cloth sleeve that protects paintwork. The lock is ideal for everyone and perfects for bikes, sports equipment, skateboards, grills, tool boxes, lawn mowers, and even gates. The password is convenient and you’ll not need keys. Lock your bicycle with railings, cars or trees and walk away knowing that it is 100-percent secure.

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2. T-TOPER Cable Bike Lock – Best Bike Locks

2. T-TOPER Cable Bike Lock - Best Bike Locks

T-TOPER knows the pain of losing a valuable item, and that’s why it’s producing this quality self-coiling cable lock. Featuring a 5-digit combination, the lock allows 100,000 possibilities. No need to walk with keys because the password feature is very convenient. The lock’s flexible steel cables offer strong cut resistance, while the PVC coating is handy when it comes to preventing scratching and keeping the lock durable. The T-TOPER Cable Bike Lock won’t shape out even in high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.

1. SIGTUNA Bike Locks- U Lock and Steel Flex Cable


Do you love cycling but worried of bike thefts? Worry no more because SIGTUNA’s Bike Locks are available. These locks will safely and securely lock your valuable belongings and give you all the freedom you’ve been longing for. The 1200-millimeter steel flex cable offers premium quality bike security in both high and low risk areas. Most customers have given SIGTUNA Bike Locks a rating of 5 out of 5 stars because of its peerless performance and advanced functionality. The product is backed by 30-day 100-percent money-back guarantee.

Although there are numerous bike locks, only a few are top quality. Bike locks listed in this product review are designed with quality and optimum performance in mind. All of them are made with one intention; to provide maximum security to your belongings such as bicycles, scooters, grills, tool boxes, and more. They deter thieves and keep them at bay. Ideally, they won’t deform in high temperatures or shape out in low temperatures. Ride your bicycle with peace of mind knowing that it is 100-percent secure!

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    For archive only – Old version of this article
    Any serious cyclist should secure their bikes with a lock that a thief will not do away with within seconds. With bicycle theft being epidemic, you can mitigate the chances of your bike being stolen by buying a good bike lock. Because of the many brands available in the market, it is good to be keen when making a purchase. When shopping for the best bike look, look for a lock that is virtually unbreakable, simple to use and offers high security. To help you pick the best bike locks, the following are reviews of 5 best bike locks available on the market.
    5. Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock

    Enhance your bike security by investing in Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock. This lock is small-sized, which is plus feature. Because of its small size, it is extra hard to dismantle it. It is made of hardened steel shackle of diameter 13mm. The steel shackle offers a strong resistance to both leverage and cutting. The lock has Bent Foot design to offer you a higher security and value. It also has a pick and drill resistance cylinder. It is easy to fix on your bike as it has a Transit Flex Frame Bracket. It is also easy when turning the key either to lock or unlock. So if you are looking for an easy to use, solid and durable bike lock, then consider investing in this lock.
    4. Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable Bike Lock

    Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable Bike Lock is another secure and easy to use lock. Unlike other bike locks, this lock lights up when you are inputting your key combination code. This feature gives this lock a plus especially when it’s dark. It is made from military braided steel making it extra hard to dismantle it. With this lock, you can keep your bike anywhere; it is pick and drill resistant. Plus It is also resistant to shock and water. This keyless lock is designed to fit any bike. So with this bike lock, you are assured of convenience and peace of mind about your bike security.
    3. Etronic Security Lock M6 Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Lock, 6-Feet x 3/8-Inch

    The Etronic Security Lock M6 is another easy to use bike lock. As the name suggests, the lock is self-coiling and comes with a resettable system of locking. You choose your unique number code when locking and unlocking it. Its flexible cable is made of steel, with a high cut resistance. It has a protective coating to minimize scratching. Its cable is 1.85 meters. This makes it easy when locking your bicycle, toolboxes, fences, grills or any other item that you want to secure. The lock is also easy to set and reset.
    2. Bike Lock Cable, SANREN Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Lock

    Unlike other locks designed only for bicycles, this lock is multipurpose. Apart from using it on a bike, you can use it on skateboards, toolboxes, ladders, sports equipment, grill, lawnmowers, gates, and fences. You will not be worried about scratching, as it is has a vinyl coating. It has flexible steel cable that has a high cut resistance. Bike Lock cable locking system is unique as it does not come with keys. Instead, it has a resettable system, which you set by choosing, your number combination code. Unless you share with someone, it is impossible for anyone to guess your lock security number. Interestingly, you have up to 10,000 possibilities.
    1. KRYPTONITE KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock w/ 4′ Cable – Best Bike Locks in 2016 Reviews

    And the best among the 5 best bike locks is KRYPTONITE KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock. The lock comes with a 4-foot cable, making it possible to lock the whole bike, including, the saddle, wheels, and panniers. Although the cable, is not the main security element, it serves as a very useful deterrent to a thief since it would take them long to unfix everything. Because the cable is detachable from the U-look, you can always have it in your backpack. This Series 2 has a simple design but very secure. Its primary material is 13 mm hardened steel that has a high resistance to leverage attacks and cutting. This 2 series is easy to use and easy to carry around. Overall, KRYPTONITE KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock deserves the top spot
    From the 5 bike locks reviewed above, it is possible for any cyclist to secure their bike using a lock. The locks above are easy to use, made of resistant materials both to cutting and leveraging and are affordable. The list provides the best locks in the market, so go through them and choose one without hesitation.

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