Top 10 Best Flat Pry Bars in 2017 Reviews

A pry bar is an essential tool with very many uses. Aside from its common use of prying, the bar is ideal for scraping, molding, opening lids of paint cans, and pulling nails. They are important tools that should not miss from your house, especially if you are a tradesman or a DIY enthusiast. Ideally, most pry bars feature innovative designs that help access hard-to-reach spaces. This is particularly useful when removing nails from tight-angled places.

It is these advantages and convenience that will make you go for a flat pry bar. But before you decide to buy any, we advise that you go through a number of reviews to know what is best and what should be avoided. Remember, choosing the best pry bar can be very difficult, considering that these tools come in different sizes and are really many on the market. We urge you to go through the following top 10 best flat pry bars in 2017 reviews, as it contains useful information on pry bars.

10. SUPERBAR Vaughan B215 Flat Pry Bar

10. SUPERBAR Vaughan B215 Flat Pry BarIf you are a homeowner or a tradesman, then the SUPERBAR Vaughan B215 Flat Pry Bar is the last tool you would want to miss. It features a “Shepherd’s Crook” rocker head design that ensures optimum power. Ideally, it boasts a 15-inch length that enables it to offer unmatched leverage. This tool is made of forged, spring tempered steel for heavy duty use such as pulling nails, scraping, prying, and molding. It also has polished, sharp blades for effortless insertion.

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9. Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Pry Bar

9. Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Pry BarHere is why you should go for the Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Pry Bar. This tool is constructed with tempered steel construction, which has the ability to overcome a bending momentum of 310 inch-pounds. By so doing this, the construction makes the pry bar a strong and durable product. Moreover, this tool is heat treated for optimum performance and superior durability. It also features a powder-coated finish and boasts a 7-inch long design with a 7/8-inch wide blade.

8. Titan Tools 17005 2 Piece Prybar and Scraper Set

8. Titan Tools 17005 2 Piece Prybar and Scraper SetAre you looking for the best tool for nailing, scraping or prying? Then here is something that you should consider; the 17005 2 Piece Prybar and Scraper Set by Titan Tools. It is made of a rigid stainless steel construction that enhances both its durability and performance. Ideally, it has razor sharp scraper edges and boasts an attractive clam shell package. It is one of the best tools recommended for any handyman.

7. TEKTON 3305 7-1/2-Inch Pry Bar

7. TEKTON 3305 7-1/2-Inch Pry BarHaving the TEKTON 3305 7-1/2-Inch Pry Bar as one of the tools in your house is a plus. It is perfect for cabinetry and trim work. However, its versatility does not stop there, as this pry bar can also be used for all-purpose prying and pulling nails. The fact that it is small and lightweight means this pry bar is easy to handle even in tight-to-access spaces. This little but handy pry bar will quickly become your favorite workmate.

6. Estwing HB-15 15-Inch Bar Nail Puller

6. Estwing HB-15 15-Inch Bar Nail PullerIt is advisable to go for a highly functional flat pry bar. Well, one of these pry bars is the Estwing HB-15 15-Inch Bar Nail Puller. At only 1.14 pounds, this tool is very light and this makes it easy to use. Ideally, it is forged half round for added strength and long-term performance. The bar nail puller has a 1-3/4-inch blade, and it measures 15 inches long for easy leverage.

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5. Stanley 55-515 12-3/4 –inch Pry Bar

5. Stanley 55-515 12-3/4 –inch Pry BarDesigned with strength and durability in mind, the Stanley 55-515 12-3/4-Inch Pry Bar features a powder-coated finish for lifetime performance. It is ideal for lifting, prying, scraping, and more. Ideally, it comes equipped with a nail beveled slot for effortless removal of nails. The forged high-carbon steel construction helps improve performance and durability. The Stanley 55-515 pry bar measures 12-3/8 inches long and its blade measures 1-3/4 inches wide.

4. Dasco Pro 91 3-Piece Pry Bar

4. Dasco Pro 91 3-Piece Pry BarOne great thing about this 3-piece set is that it is made in the US and meets/exceeds ANSI standards. It is versatile and can be used for prying, molding, scraping excess paint, pulling nails, and opening paint cans. The set includes the most popular small and lightweight bars for various DIY projects. It is easy to use for noticeable results.

3. Titan Tools 17007 3-Piece Pry Bar & Scraper Set

3. Titan Tools 17007 3-Piece Pry Bar & Scraper SetWhether you are looking for a pry bar to use for nail pulling, prying, molding, opening paint cans or scraping, the Titan Tools 17007 3-Piece Pry Bar & Scraper Set is the tool to rely on. The set consists of innovative DIY tools that promise to help you accomplish any task within a cinch. Ideally, it includes 9-1/4”, 7-1/4”, and 5-1/2” pry bars with sharp scraper edges and stainless steel construction.

2. Hyde 45600 9-1/2” Pry Bar Scraper

2. Hyde 45600 9-1/2” Pry Bar Scraper
As a handyman or tradesman, you surely need a tool to help you complete tasks quickly and easily. That’s why Hyde Manufacturing Company is more than happy to introduce to you a 9-1/2-inch pry bar scraper. With this tool, you will be able to remove molding, scrape paint, pull nails, and even open boxes. Yes, this pry bar is that versatile. Ideally, it features a hardened and tempered electro-coated high carbon construction for superior durability.

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1. Stanley 55-525 15-inch Pry Bar – Best Flat Pry Bars

1. Stanley 55-525 15-inch Pry Bar - Flat Pry BarsGood news to all handymen and DIY enthusiasts. Stanley’s 55-525 15-Inch Pry Bar is versatile and ideal for pulling nails, prying, and lifting lids from paint cans. Measuring 15-1/2 inches long, this tool offers extra reach and more leverage. Ideally, it features a tight bend angle that ensures more accurate positioning. The pry bar also has an arch in its center, and this helps eliminate the need for a wood block in order to achieve necessary swinging motion.

Getting a top performing flat pry bar has never been easier; thanks to the above top 10 best reviews. Featuring products from different brands, this compilation helps you compare and know which product best suits your needs. Moreover, products listed here are highly affordable for great buying experience, so go for it!

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